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Oliver and Caroline fly to Italy tonight. Caroline needs to finish up at the hotel as she wants to pass Ray the baton without a hitch. She thinks it best Oliver collects her from work and they go straight to the airport. Oliver will be there at 6.45 sharp. Caroline better be ready. He's not missing their flight due to her obsession with work.

Kathy's feeling the strain so Pat books her a massage. Swimming is what's kept Kathy sane lately, with Martyn's unworkable solutions to the club's problems. But Caroline has unfortunate news. Because of a staff mix-up, Kathy is unable to have her massage today. Pat and Kathy decide to have a few drinks instead. Pat thinks Kathy should give Martyn a few ideas. If they generate income, he might reverse her cuts.

Ruth, David and Spencer say an emotional goodbye to Pip as she leaves for her work placement year. Softy David's packed three bags of marshmallows so Pip can keep up the family tradition of fitting as many in your mouth as you can. It's a way of breaking the ice with her new housemates.

It hasn't done Oliver's blood pressure any good waiting for Caroline, but they set off on time and leave their troubles behind.

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13 minutes

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Fri 30 Aug 2013 19:00


Role Contributor
Kenton ArcherRichard Attlee
Shula Hebden LloydJudy Bennett
David ArcherTim Bentinck
Ruth ArcherFelicity Finch
Pip ArcherHelen Monks
Pat ArcherPatricia Gallimore
Helen ArcherLouiza Patikas
Tom ArcherTom Graham
Brian AldridgeCharles Collingwood
Jolene PerksBuffy Davis
Fallon RogersJoanna Van Kampen
Kathy PerksHedli Niklaus
Oliver SterlingMichael Cochrane
Caroline SterlingSara Coward
Lynda SnellCarole Boyd
Kirsty MillerAnnabelle Dowler
Alan FranksJohn Telfer
Usha FranksSouad Faress
Ray FranklinRobin Bowerman
Rob TitchenerTimothy Watson
Martyn GibsonJon Glover
Darrell MakepeaceDan Hagley
Leigh BarhamJonathan Forbes
WriterNawal Gadalla
DirectorSue Wilson
ProducerJulie Beckett
EditorJulie Beckett

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