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Michael is astounded to learn Jack’s sold his share of the gym to Janine. Janine declares she’s going to turn the gym around, smugly offering to buy Michael out. Michael refuses and uses Dot to guilt trip Jack, telling Dot that Janine is planning a massive gym overhaul. Jack reassures Dot that won't happen. Dot warns Michael not to take his anger out on everyone else, reminding him that Scarlett is stuck in the middle. Later, Michael relinquishes the gym’s financial records to Janine and presents her with a report concerning a potential takeover of another gym. Janine can’t help but be impressed.

Denise helps Ian with the catering for the salon opening. However, after paying Carl, Ian’s unable to pay any staff. At the salon, Denise is rushed off her feet and fumes to be left alone all day. Kim teases Denise, recalling how Ian used to treat Jane. Denise finally snaps and, as Peter listens in, tells Ian that they are finished.

Sadie’s offering a 25% one day discount for Beauty’s grand opening. Lola and Poppy compete for a bonus over who can make the most sales. Poppy accidentally tells Lola to apply 35% discount. When Sadie discovers the mistake, Poppy lies that Lola must have misheard and secures the bonus, to Lola’s fury. Poppy’s suspicious to find Fatboy’s not working at the Vic as he claimed.

Bianca’s set up a double date in the Vic with Colin from the singles night and his mate for Kat. Kat is chuffed when Colin’s friend, Ted, turns out to be a handsome physiotherapist. Roxy and Alfie clock Kat chatting with Ted. Bored by Colin, Bianca wants to swap dates but Kat refuses. As the girls squabble, the guys overhear, and they both leave.

In the Vic, Carl attempts to persuade Kirsty and Max he’s turned over a new leaf. Max is unconvinced and refuses to shake Carl’s hand.

Jean’s perplexed that Ollie’s carrots are going missing from the allotment. Ollie rescues Jean from Ian as he tries to pressure her into working on her day off.

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Mon 19 Aug 2013 22:30


Role Contributor
Ian BealeAdam Woodyatt
Denise FoxDiane Parish
Michael MoonSteve John Shepherd
Sadie YoungKate Magowan
Danny PennantGary Lucy
Janine ButcherCharlie Brooks
Kim FoxTameka Empson
Peter BealeBen Hardy
Ava HartmanClare Perkins
Sam JamesCornell S John
Max BranningJake Wood
Kirsty BranningKierston Wareing
Carl WhiteDaniel Coonan
Jack BranningScott Maslen
Alice BranningJasmyn Banks
Tamwar MasoodHimesh Patel
Bianca ButcherPatsy Palmer
Kat MoonJessie Wallace
Poppy MeadowRachel Bright
Arthur 'Fatboy' ChubbRicky Norwood
Lola PearceDanielle Harold
Jean SlaterGillian Wright
Dot BranningJune Brown
Alfie MoonShane Richie
Aj AhmedPhaldut Sharma
Ollie WaltersTony O'Callaghan
ColinBob Golding
TedTom Benedict Knight
Executive ProducerLorraine Newman
DirectorTim Mercier
WriterPete McTighe

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