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Episode 7

Sunday Morning Live, Series 4 Episode 7 of 20

Samira Ahmed and her guests discuss the week's ethical issues.

Talk show host Nick Ferrari, theologian and broadcaster Vicky Beeching, author and journalist Rosie Millard, and the investigative food journalist Joanna Blythman discuss:

Has science gone too far with our food?
Scientists at the University of Maastricht in Holland have developed the World's first test tube burger. They brought their creation to London where the burger, worth more than £200,000, was eaten in front of an audience. Sunday Morning Live went to visit a UK scientist growing purple tomatoes with supposed health benefits. Is science interfering too much with our food chain or does it hold the answers to the world's food problems?

Do footballers need to be role models?
The Premier League football season starts on 17 August. Football fans will be relieved to finally be seeing some top level action following a summer of transfer sagas. But will parents around the country be worried that their children are about to be influenced negatively by the players on parade? Nick Ferrari argues that it's time to stop looking at footballers as role models.

Should charity bosses be high earners?
The pay of some of the UK's biggest charities has been put under the spotlight this week. They're running big operations so shouldn't the bosses of charities be rewarded accordingly? Or is it unfair that a chunk of the money donated by the public goes towards the pay packets of some of the charities' directors? Our panel debates the issues.

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Is science going too far with our food?

As the first lab grown beefburger is cooked and served up, we look at experiments taking place with other foodstuffs, such as the purple tomato which is the humbler red variety crossed with apparently health-giving berries. We ask: Is science going too far with our food?

This week's panel

The panel this week is radio show host Nick Ferrari;  journalist and broadcaster Rosie Millard; theologian and blogger Vicky Beeching; and investigative food journalist Joanna Blythman.

Also on the programme...

With the Premier League season about to start, Nick Ferrari laments the lack of positive role models for young boys. This leads in to our second debate: Do footballers need to be role models?

And, as the salaries of the leaders of Britain’s aid agencies come under the spotlight, we ask: Should charity bosses be high earners?


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