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Fidan Hajiyeva; Is feminism racist?

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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Azeri singer Fidan Hajiyeva: born in Baku, Azerbaijan and raised in Hackney, the 17 year old will be performing at the World Prom on 22nd August alongside her mentor Gochaq Askarov. Is feminism racist? Mikki Kendall, creator of #solidarityisforwhitewomen, Nimko Ali and Daisy Martey discuss. Katie Waldegrave on her book The Poets' Daughters about Dora Wordsworth and Sara Coleridge. Director Yael Farber on her new play Nirbhaya about violence against women in India. And, what should you keep in your fridge? Not cucumbers, strawberries or eggs. Jenni Murray presents.


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  • Is Feminism Racist?

    Discussion re: #solidarityisforwhitewomen Mikki Kendall, Daisy Martey and Nimco Ali.

  • Fridges

    ‘Fridge faux pas. Food writer Tim Hayward on which foods shouldn't be kept in the fridge

  • Yael Farber on Nirbhaya

    Director Yael Farber on her new play Nirbhaya about violence against women in India.

  • Fidan Hajiyeva

    18 year Azeri singer Fidan Hajiyeva talks about her music and performs live in the studio.

  • Katie Waldegrave on The Poets' Daughters

    Katie Waldegrave on her book The Poets' Daughters about Dora Wordsworth & Sara Coleridge.

  • Is Feminism Racist?

    Mikki Kendall started #solidarityisforwhitewomen on Twitter to highlight the ways she felt mainstream feminism was ignoring the experiences of women of colour.  Thousands of women of colour from all over the world contributed their stories of feeling excluded from the debate.  So, is feminism racist and what should change?  Mikki Kendall joins Jenni from Chicago, along with British feminists Daisy Martey and Nimco Ali to discuss.

    Guardian article #solidarityisforwhitewomen

    Batty Mamzelle Blogspot

    Daughters of Eve


  • Fridges

    ‘Fridge faux pas – which foods should you not be keeping in the fridge? The food writer Tim Hayward has the answers.

  • Yael Farber on Nirbhaya

    The rape and murder of 23 year old Jyoti Singh Pandey on a Delhi bus last year bought protestors to the streets and calls for changes to Indian law. Now a play inspired by those violent acts is being staged at the Edinburgh fringe festival. While it’s not a re-enactment of what happened in Delhi last December, the story serves as a starting point for other stories of violence. The play is called Nirbhaya, meaning ‘fearless one’ in Hindi – and it’s the name the Indian media gave to Jyoti Singh Pandey after her death. Jenni talks to the play’s director Yael Farber, and the actor Rukshar Kabir.

    Nirbhaya is at the Assembly Hall until August 26.

  • Fidan Hajiyeva

    18 year old Fidan Hajiyeva is the youngest protégée of BBC Radio 3’s World Routes Academy, a programme that brings together young world artists with internationally recognised artists in the same field. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Fidan grew up in London, where her interest in Azeri music was cultivated by her father. She recently performed at the WOMAD world music festival and will perform  this Thursday at the World Routes Prom with her mentor, renowned Azerbaijani singer, Gochaq Askarov. Fidan joins Jenni to talk about her love of Azeri music and perform live.

    Fidan Hajiyeva and Gochag Askarov will perform at the World Routes Prom on Thursday 22 August at the Royal Albert Hall.  And you can listen to the concert live on BBC Radio 3 from 10pm tomorrow night. 

  • Katie Waldegrave

    Dora Wordsworth and Sara Coleridge were lifelong friends and daughters of best friends William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, two of the greatest poets of the Romantic Age. Growing up in the shadow of genius, both women made it their life’s ambitions to devote themselves to their father’s writing and reputation. But in different ways, each father almost destroyed his daughter. Katie Waldegrave joins Jenni to discuss her new book  The Poet’s Daughters, about the untold story of the two women and the crucial role they played in the great poets reputations.

    The Poets’ Daughters: Dora Wordsworth and Sara Coleridge, by Katie Waldegrave is published by Random House.


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