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Julian Rhind-Tutt reads Ian Sansom's new comic thriller, The Norfolk Mystery. Morley and Sefton retire to the public bar to discuss the mystery of the reverend's death. But Morley sticks out like a sore thumb; his fondness for tongue twisters and quotations, his expansive gesticulation and the ordering of water don't help. While Sefton squirms with embarrassment, Sefton ponders (loudly) on the motivation for the reverend's apparent suicide. Later, Sefton has another assignation with the mysterious Hannah.
The Norfolk Mystery by Ian Sansom is abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths.
Produced by: Sarah Langan.

Release date:

15 minutes

On radio

Next Friday 14:00


Role Contributor
ReaderJulian Rhind-Tutt
ProducerSarah Langan
AbridgerLauris Morgan-Griffiths
AuthorIan Sansom

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