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Monday 29 July

The energy regulator Ofgem is not doing enough to ensure that energy company profits are transparent, MPs say. The Israelis and Palestinians are meeting to explore how to resume peace talks. And the feminists on Twitter who have had enough of being bullied by men.
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    That's it from us today. Tune in again tomorrow from 0600. Next up Privacy Under Pressure with Steve Hewlet.
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    Is young feminists' use of social media transforming feminism in Britain? Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, and Beatrix Campbell, feminist and writer, discuss the role of social media in changing attitudes towards women.

    There's been a lot of support for this discussion on twitter:
    Lisa Appignanesi
    @EverydaySexism @BBCr4today with bea Campbell. The new cultural context that needs feminism! #FiftyShadesOfFeminism
    Elaine Chalus
    @BBCr4today clocks revival of feminism: Well done @EverydayFeminism. For those who don't understand the concerns see:
    Elena @__ellsbells tweeted:
    LOVING the amount of news coverage feminist campaigns are getting right now @BBCBreaking @BBCr4today 👍
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    Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are to resume stalled peace talks in Washington on Monday, the US State Department has announced. Bronwen Maddox, a British-based Anglo-American journalist, and Simon Tisdall, an assistant editor at the Guardian, discuss how effective the talks will be.

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    Authorities in Brazil say more than three million people gathered on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, where Pope Francis has been celebrating the final mass of the Roman Catholic church's World Youth Day. The BBC's Wyre Davis reports.

    READ and WATCH more here:
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    Business news with Simon Jack.

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    People bringing employment tribunals must now pay a fee for the first time since they were created in the 1960s. Helen Grant, Justice Minister, explains the changes.

    Seema Malhotra
    BBC - Fees for employment tribunals begin - Helen Grant v vague abt impact on @BBCR4Today, esp impact on women
    Helen Belcher
    @BBCr4today @HelenGrantMP That could be because fees aren't there yet. Justice only for those who can afford it?
    Bob @bbqbobs tweeted:
    @BBCr4today @HelenGrantMP a fact that cannot be proved. Balance already in employers favour
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    We are spending too much of our time on holiday capturing the moment instead of actually experiencing it, according to Sophie Grove, who wrote about the subject in Monocle Magazine. Ms Grove and Martin Parr, a high-profile photo journalist who has taken photos of holidaymakers taking photos, discuss whether people should enjoy the moment without using the lens of a camera.

    Fiona McWilliam
    Great piece on photography on @BBCr4today just now - how very true!
    Chris Timms
    @bbcr4today tourists spending more time taking photos than enjoying the view:
    Carola Groom
    @BBCr4today Years ago, pre digital, my camera jammed on day 1 of an amazing trip to Egypt. Great just to *look*, & keep a journal, instead.
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    Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi have defied threats of removal from their sit-in protest in Cairo, despite scores of deaths in clashes with security forces. Ashraf Elkholy, Egypt's ambassador to London, gives his view on what action is needed.

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    The energy regulator Ofgem is not doing enough to challenge the six main energy companies to be more transparent about their profits, according to a committee of MPs. John Robertson, Labour MP and a member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, and Sarah Harrison, senior partner at Ofgem, discuss the transparency of the way that energy companies work.

    READ the report here:
    Here's the BBC's guide to saving money on energy costs:

    Here's what you thought on twitter:
    Half stories on @bbcr4today are about deregulation, the other half about yet more of it. To nanny or to not nanny, that is Today's question
    MellorSJ @MellorSJ tweeted:
    @ianpatterson99 @BBCr4today We should quit ALL the nannying and leave taxpayers with enough money to make their own choices.
    Richard Lamb
    @politicshome @BBCr4today Ofgem needs to get ahead of the curve (energy companies).
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    Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will resume peace talks in Washington on Monday, the US State Department has announced. Ghada Karmi, a doctor and journalist, and Lord Levy, president of Community Service Volunteers Jewish Care, outline what the talks will be trying to achieve.

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