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Juice Recipes

Avocado, Beetroot & Pineapple 

The ingredients might look like an unlikely mix, but they blend to produce a delicious sweet, pink, creamy juice.


You'll need a juicer and a blender for this recipe. You won't need to push the boat out - a cheap juicer and blender, even a stick blender will do. You'll need to spend more on a blender if you want to blend hard items like ice.




1/4 large or 1/3 small avocado

1/2 medium-sized raw beetroot (NOT a cooked, pickled one!)

1/2 pineapple


Peel all the ingredients. Wash the beetroot carefully, and be careful not to get beetroot juice on your clothes, as it stains.

Push the beetroot and pineapple through the juicer. Do NOT put the avocado in the juicer or it could damage it.

Instead, put the avocado into the blender jug and add the juice. Blend on a low setting. Enjoy.

You can vary this recipe by adding a bit of raw ginger root to the pineapple and beetroot in the juicer; or for a less sweet taste, juice just a quarter of a pineapple and two oranges.



Cucumber, Celery, Lemon & Mint


This is a super-healthy green juice, perfect as a morning pick-me-up.




1 whole cucumber

4 sticks of celery

One lemon

5-10g fresh mint


Peel the lemon and remove most of the stalks from the mint. Wash the cucumber and celery thoroughly and rinse the mint. Juice all the ingredients. Pour over ice and enjoy.

If the drink is not sweet enough, add a couple of apples. These can be put straight into the juicer without peeling, though you might have to chop them into quarters to get them into the chute.



Chocolate Ginger Fig


This makes a delicious healthy chocolate pudding.




One large fresh fig

One or two apples

15g unsweetened cocoa powder

5g raw ginger


Juice the apples and the ginger. Chop the fig into quarters and put in a blender with the cocoa powder. Add the apple and ginger juice slowly and blend on a low setting to a thick, creamy consistency. You should need about 50ml juice.

Chill. Eat with a spoon.

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