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Monday 1 July

The streets of Cairo have seen another mass protest against the Egyptian government. The National Housing Federation says rent arrears have gone up and some properties are now lying empty as a consequence of the so-called "bedroom tax". And should MPs be paid more than their £66,000 salary?
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    Our editors today were Andrew Bryson and Sareen Bains. Coming up next on Radio 4, Sue MacGregor presents Start The Week. We're back tomorrow morning from 0600. Thanks for listening.

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    Martin Schultz, the president of the European Commission said he would be "shocked" and "angry" if allegations that the US National Security Agency planted bugs in the EU's diplomatic offices in Washington and infiltrated the building's computer network are true. Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador to the United States, and Alan Judd, writer and former diplomat, discuss how commonplace spying within the diplomatic services is.

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    Today the Institute of Physics bestows its highest honour, the Newton Medal, on Professor Sir John Pendry, the man behind the idea of 'invisibility cloaking'. He joins us to explain his idea.

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    Mark Carney begins his new role today as governor of the Bank of England. Tanya Gold, Guardian columnist, considers how to fit in within an unfamiliar environment.

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    The head of the National Housing Federation David Orr has told BBC News that the consequences of April's housing benefit cut, named by some as the bedroom tax, have been far worse than anticipated. BBC correspondent Michael Buchanan reports and Minister Esther McVey explains why she believes the tax to be important.

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    Coming up straight after the programme this morning, Sue MacGregor presents Start The Week.

    Anne Burks
    Lovely to hear Sue MacGregor's voice on Today @BBCr4today
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    The Daily Mail has uncovered a report from the BBC's archive which concludes that Alf Garnet, the main character of 1970s sitcom 'Till Death Do Us Part', reinforced bigoted views. Lisa Holdsworth, a television writer, and Ash Attala, Managing director of Rough Cut Productions, considers prejudice in comedy.

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    The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has said that MPs should be paid more than their current salary of £66,000 per year. Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor, explains the implications of the announcement.

    This issue has divided you on Twitter:

    Dr Matthew Ashton
    I can't believe MPs lecturing the public on the need for austerity would be stupid enough to accept a 15% pay rise #r4today #BBCR4today
    Sam W
    Sam W @shmadishma tweeted:
    @BBCr4today comparing MPs' salaries to teachers to show that they're excessive? --Compare them to CEOs and private business leaders...
    Charlie Bolton
    @swilliamsmp @BBCr4today @daily_politics I earn £11k pa - that's not much more than the increase MPs have in the last decade - unimpressed
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    Large protests calling for the resignation of Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi have been taking place in the country's capital, Cairo, as well as other Egyptian cities.  BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen outlines the extent of the unrest and Khaled Dawoud, spokesman for the Egyptian opposition coalition the National Salvation Front, along with Gehad el-Haddad, senior adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, consider why so many have come out to protest.

  • 1 Jul 2013 07:47:04


    The government is expected to announce plans for a transferable tax allowance for married couples. Julianne Marriot, campaign director from Don't Judge My Family, and Tim Loughton, Conservative MP, outline their positions on the new tax allowance.

    "Most young people say they aspire to get married, that's a good thing and should be encouraged."
    - Tim Loughton
    "The marriage tax allowance is out of date, it doesn't reflect modern families."
    - Julianne Marriot
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