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Wednesday 19 June

A report published later suggests the healthcare regulator in England may have deliberately covered up knowledge of its own failings. Food labelling is to be made clearer and more consistent for consumers. And are men becoming gentler and adopting more 'feminised' values?
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    Our editors today were Sarah Nelson and Andrew Bryson. Thanks for all your feedback this morning, we're back tomorrow from 0600. Coming up next on Radio 4, Libby Purves presents Midweek. Thanks for listening.

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    Britain could be doomed to a decade of wet summers, according to research by the University of Reading. The research, which was discussed at a Met Office conference yesterday, suggests we are enduring a rare weather cycle that increases the prospect of summer rain which could last years to come. How will the country adapt if we really are in store for such bad weather? Dr Liz Bentley, meteorologist at the Royal Meteorological Society, and Rob Penn, author of The Wrong Kind of Snow, debate the issue.

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    A coroner has written to five organisations, including England's healthcare regulator, to raise concerns about the death of a woman which she described as a "disturbing case". The BBC's health correspondent Jane Draper reports and Sheila Scott, chief executive of the National Care Association, outlines whether a change needs to occur as a result.

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    Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, has said that he welcomes the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards calls for new measures, including criminal sanctions, to make bankers responsible for their own failings. Greg Clark, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, gives his view on what the report is calling for.

    "This is about a culture in banking. This is a very thoughtful and serious recommendation that is a tribute to the meticulousness of their work. They haven't just looked at the headline issues, they've looked at some of the underlying cultural aspects as well."
    - Greg Clarke

    norman smith
    Treasury minister Greg Clarke says Govt will implement Tyrie report on bankers "at pace" @bbcr4today
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    Next year Brazil is staging football's world cup. A few years later the Olympic games. But many  people are not happy and they are protesting on the streets to show it. John Humphrys has been talking to Fernando Duarte, a Correspondent for a Brazilian daily newspaper, O Globo.

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    Libby Purves just popped into the studio to tell John and Justin what's coming up on this morning's edition of Midweek:

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    The ballet dancer, David Wall has died at the age of 67. Wall became the youngest male principal in the history of the Royal Ballet and was selected to partner the great ballerina, Margot Fonteyn.   

    "Ballet and dance are two of Britain's greatest strengths."

    - Deborah Bull

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    The Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack which killed four US soldiers in Afghanistan. Officials say they were fatally injured during a rocket attack on the Bagram air base. The deaths came just hours after the US said it would hold direct peace talks with the taliban. Our correspondent Jonathan Beale is in Kabul.

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    Health bosses in charge of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, where babies died through neglect, have been accused of a cover-up of their failures after a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection gave the all-clear in 2010. James Titcombe, whose son Joshua died at Furness General Hospital in Morecambe Bay, and David Prior, chair of the CQC, discuss where the failures occurred and the action that needs to be taken.

    Nick Robinson
    Startling interview on @BBCr4today. Organisation responsible for policing NHS care and quality knew nothing about, er, the NHS, care or ...
    Michael McManus
    I cannot remember a more jaw-dropping interview on @BBCr4today for a long, long time ... Horrifying revelations from the CQC really.
    Melanie Simms
    Shocking interview about #cqc on @BBCr4today - admission that it was unfit for purpose. Still?
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    The Banking Commission report published today suggests a new criminal offence of reckless misconduct in managing a bank - punishable with a prison term. Andrew Tyrie, the man who chaired the commission, and Lord Myners, the former Labour city minister, discuss whether the problem can be avoided in the future.

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    Lord Myners tells @BBCr4today “very little will change for several years as a result of the Tyrie report” on banking standards
    norman smith
    Andrew Tyrie says only those bankers who received taxpayers cash would risk jail for "reckless misconduct" @bbcr4today
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    Chair of the Banking Commission Andrew Tyrie: "What is required now is regulators identify... who is responsible for what." @BBCr4today
    READ the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards report
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