Mastertapes Podcast

John Wilson talks with musicians about a career-defining album, and a live audience also puts questions. Featuring exclusive live performances

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10 things we learned from Tom Jones’s Mastertapes

Sir Tom Jones (B-side)

Here's what we learned from the great man's conversation with John Wilson.

Nine things we learned from Craig David’s Mastertapes

Craig David - Walking Away

Here’s what we found out from the singer-songwriter's conversation with John Wilson.

Mastertapes special: Paul McCartney

Mastertapes special: Paul McCartney

Watch a filmed version of Paul McCartney speaking to John Wilson about his career.

Live performances

Squeeze - Happy Days

Watch and listen to exclusive live performances from the Mastertapes recordings.

Radio 4 on Music

Radio 4 on Music

Re-releasing music documentaries from the Radio 4 Archive.