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Thursday 6 June

Labour MP Liam Byrne discusses the party's welfare spending policy. At 0820, the number of prisoners who are being force fed at Guantanamo Bay has now risen to 41. And at 0750, residents who live near windfarms could see significant reductions in their electricity bills.
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    Our editors this morning were Lewis James and Andrew Bryson. Thanks for all your comments, we're back tomorrow from 0600. Coming up next on Radio 4, Melvyn Bragg presents In Our Time. Good morning.

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    Labour Leader Ed Miliband is making a speech today ahead of the Comprehensive Spending review. Rachel Sylvester, columnist for The Times newspaper, and Polly Toynbee, columnist for The Guardian newspaper, debate Labours proposals which include capping spending on "structural" welfare benefits over a 3-year period.

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    Boris Johnson has announced that he is to write a biography of Sir Winston Churchill. Jesse Norman, whose biography of Edmund Burke has just been published, and Katherine Hughes, professor of biography at University of East Anglia, and biographer of Mrs Beeton and George Eliot, discuss how biographers choose their subject.

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    Syrian pro-government forces have recaptured the strategic town of Qusair after a siege lasting more than two weeks. Hamish De Bretton Gordon, former commanding officer of the specialized regiment of British forces which deals with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, discusses the threat posed by Syria’s chemical weapons.

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    Are the protests in Turkey in recent days a sign that the country has to choose a path? That choice of course would have huge implications for both the Middle East and the European Union. The BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen from reports Istanbul.

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    It looks as if the government has changed its mind on windfarms in a significant way. The planning laws in England are to be changed so that local people are more powerful - they can stop them being built.  If they allow them they'll get more of a local benefit but the right to stop them is eyecatching.  We speak to Energy Minister Michael Fallon.

    Developers will have to engage much more thoroughly with the community and provide more benefits.
    - Michael Fallon

    Yes, wind turbines may be unsightly but so are many other things that we live with (the M25 for example). Surely it's better to look at turbines than to live with the aftermath of the pollution of fracking and other 'dirty' forms of energy. 
    - Anon

    BIS minister Michael Fallon on windfarms-"People did feel, certainly in some parts of England that they were almost under siege" @BBCr4today

    It is obvious that the people of a town or community should benefit from a wind farm. But the government has handled this in such a way that renewable energy is on the defensive. I say yes to incentives but why so late?

    - Elizabeth

    Peter de Graaf
    #r4today WindFarms: not convinced extra payments will lead to greater local acceptance of turbines.Bad idea to overhaul local planning rules

    Surely if wind farms don't create enough jobs or income for communities then the answer is community ownership of wind farms and more wind turbine manufacturing in the UK? If we build them and we own them then anything we pay for wind power would go back into our own pockets.

    - Tobi

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    On Radio 4 straight after the Today programme this morning, Melvyn Bragg presents In Our Time:

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    There are 103 detainees on hunger strike, 35 being tube fed and six hospitalised. Some 166 detainees still remain in Guantanamo Bay with 86 cleared for release. The prison costs $1m per detained to operate each year. There is one British resident left at Guantanamo Bay, Shaker Aamer who has been cleared for release. The BBC's Jonathan Beale reports.

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    The Labour Leader Ed Miliband is making a speech today ahead of the Comprehensive Spending review. Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political editor provides analysis and Liam Byrne, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary explains that the speech will be on welfare, spending, cuts and strategy for the Labour party post- election.

    BBC Radio 4 Today
    Last #Labour govt should have moved faster on Incapacity Benefit reform - @LiamByrneMP tells #r4today #welfare
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    #Labour's @LiamByrneMP : Cap on structural social security spending forces you to make some long term reforms #welfare #r4today
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    Way to put #welfare system back on an even keel for long term is to get people back to work @LiamByrneMP #Labour #r4today
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    Still to come

    BBC Radio 4 Today
    Coming up: @LiamByrneMP on #Labour’s #welfare policy (0810), hunger strike at #Guantanamo Bay (0820) Boris's Churchill biog (0840) #r4today
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