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Wednesday 29 May

Documents obtained by the BBC suggest British forces are detaining Afghan nationals at Camp Bastion in what could amount to unlawful detention. New research suggests obesity could have more to do with a person's genes than their lifestyle. And we mark the end of 35mm film in cinemas.
  • 29 May 2013 08:56:39


    Our editors today were Jat Gill and Adam Cumiskey. Thank you for all your feedback, we're back tomorrow morning from 0600. Next on Radio 4: Midweek with Libby Purves. Good morning.

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    Researchers at Abertay University in Dundee have come up with a way of dealing with the problem of "compassionate care in the NHS" that was highlighted in the Frances report by putting together stories and photographs of the experiences of dementia patients. Dr Rosie Stenhouse, lecturer in mental health at Abertay University, and Marian Wallace, a mental health nursing student there, discuss improving compassionate care for the elderly.

    There's more on Abertay University's official website:

    You can read more about the Patient Voices programme on their official website:

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    In the aftermath of the horsemeat scandal, the Today programme's Nicola Stanbridge deconstructs a lasagne ready meal to find out what it contains.

    LISTEN to Nicola's report:

    You can also listen to Nicola's report from Monday about the story behind the dissection of a British cow:

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    It is 60 years since Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay made the first ascent of Everest. The Today programme hears Edmund Hillary answering questions from BBC listeners on the "Asia Calling" programme in 1953.

  • 29 May 2013 08:37:31


    A list apparently showing the contact details of English Defence League members has been published online by people claiming to part of a computer hacking network known as Anonymous.

  • 29 May 2013 08:35:16


    Libby Purves has just popped into the studio to tell Jim and Evan about what's coming up on Midweek, straight after the Today programme this morning on Radio 4. This morning's guests include Natalie Coleman, Jimmy Connors, Damian Barr and Jonathan Miller.

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    Sport with Jonathan Legard.

    Jonathan Legard
    #england captaincy, crowd and #efc pursuit of Roberto Martinez @Iandennisbbc @BBCr4today 0825
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    On the May 29 1913, Stravinsky's Rite of Spring was played for the first time in Paris and the shock of the new sound that a riot started in the theatre. Angela Dixon, head of music at the Barbican in London, and the BBC's arts editor Will Gomopertz discuss whether any art has the capacity to shock to the same extent today.

    "The Rite of Spring changed everything. It had harmonic and rhythmic things in it we just hadn't heard before."
    - Angela Dixon
    Damian Ainscough
    'You can smash a work of art but you cannot smash an idea.' Will Gompertz @BBCr4today discussing Stravinski
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    British forces are detaining up to 85 Afghan nationals in a holding facility at Camp Bastion, in what could amount to unlawful detention and internment, documents obtained by the BBC suggest. Phil Shiner, a lawyer acting for eight of the detainees, outlines the predicament that the Afghanis are in. and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond gives his view on whether the detentions legal under the UN mandate.

    norman smith
    Claims that UK operating a mini Guantanamo in Afghanistan are "patently ridiculous" says Philip Hammond @bbcr4today
    Defence Secretary Philip Hammond tells @BBCr4today the number of Afghans held at Camp Bastion is in the "high tens". @BBCr4today
    norman smith
    Philip Hammond says Govt wd "like nothing more "than to hand over Afghan detainees to Afghan authorities @bbcr4today
    Gary O'Donoghue
    Hammond says Afghan detainees legal advice will be funded by the tax payer @BBCr4today
    norman smith
    Philip Hammond says he will sit down and have "an adult conversation" with the Chancellor over any spending cuts at the MoD @bbcr4today
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    Zeb Soanes has this morning's news summary. Thanks for all your feedback so far, please keep your comments coming via Twitter and Facebook.

    Remember - if you missed Tweet of the Day earlier, you can listen again online. This morning's tweet came from the Storm Petrel:

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