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Monday 27 May

Britain and France will try to get agreement in Brussels today for an easing of sanctions against Syria to allow some opposition forces to be armed. Five stroke patients have shown small signs of recovery after being given an experimental stem cell therapy. The myth of the modern dad.
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    That's it from us today, thanks for listening. Our editors were Heba Ayoub and Sareen Bains. Next up Start the Week.
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    A new book called Men can do it! The Real Reason Dads Don't Do Childcare is published today. Gideon Burrows, author of the book, and Lynne Burnham, secretary for Mothers at Home Matter, discuss whether we are still a society ridden in gender stereotypes when it comes to parenting.

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    In the aftermath of the horsemeat scandal, the Today programme's reporter Nicola Stanbridge hears about the dissection of a British cow - to understand what happens to the hundreds of different cuts, products and by-products, how far they travel, and through how many hands they pass.

    Goldhill Organics
    @BBCr4today explaining where all the parts of a cow end up, that's every single part
    Alicia Hills
    @BBCr4today Interesting piece on the beef trade. Thank you.
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    Lads' magazines and newspapers with Page 3 style front covers could face legal action from customers and staff on grounds of sexual harassment or sex discrimination under the Equality Act 2010, according to a group of lawyers, and the organisations UK Feminista and Object. Elizabeth Prochaska, barrister at Matrix Chambers, and Keith Brennan, public affairs director at the Association of Convenience Stores, debate the legality of the publications.

    @bbcr4today when i dont like the look of something, I dont look!
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    Business news with Simon Jack.

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    Two rockets have hit a district in Beirut thought to be controlled by the Hezbollah organisation. From Beirut, the BBC's Jim Muir explains that the violence comes after the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah formally entered the war in Syria by promising his supporters they would prevail in Syria where they are backing President Assad.

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    Regular Today programme listeners may remember that last year we gave you the chance to buy a limited edition Today and Children in Need radio, inspired by the programme's move back to Broadcasting House. Today reporter Tom Bateman met with one of the groups that is to benefit, WAC-Arts, a north London based charity that helps young people with autism gain new skills and confidence.

    Find out more about the competition
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    When it comes to terrorism, prevention is clearly the best approach. That is why the last government had a Prevent strategy to counter radicalisation in the Islamic community. Tens of millions pounds a year were spent on it, but this government did not think it was delivering, so reviewed it and reformed it in 2011 - and after the Woolwich attack last week is reviewing it all again. The BBC's security correspondent Gordon Correra reports and Mark Reckless, a Conservative member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, discuss the best way to counter radicalisation. 
    READ the BBC's Paul Danahar's analysis:
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    There has been an explosion of interest in stem cells within the scientific and medical communities and also among politicians, pharmaceutical companies, ethicists and religious groups. Keith Muir, professor of Clinical Imaging and Consultant Neurologist at Glasgow, and Fiona Watt, director of the Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at Kings College, examine the potential of the research to treat diseases that cannot be cured with current medicines.

    READ more about the research:
    Watch a report on the success of the research:
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    #stem cells in the headlines after #stroke patients show improvement on @bbcr4today now with wider discussion

    @Klathigra has tweeted this marvelous photo of past today presenters...
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    @BBCr4today Blast from the past - found this Today flyer while clearing out - fond memories of a great presenters!
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    Thousands of people are potentially at risk of being radicalised in the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May has said. Gabriel Gatehouse, the BBC's East Africa correspondent reports from Mombasa where the Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolago was in court, and Simiyu Werunga, chief executive of the African Centre for Security, gives his analysis of potential radicalisation.

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