Laser eye treatment, new disability products and the curse of the pop up tent

Safety concerns over laser eye treatment.We report from the 'Ideal Home' exhibition that showcases the latest products to help disabled people around the home, and around and about.They made millions for themselves and Tesco with their concept of a loyalty card now the husband and wife team hope to do the same for theatres.Home-brewed beer is making a comeback after years in doldrums.An influential group of Conservative MP's are urging the government to clamp down on 'shrinkage'- the practice of reducing the size of products but charging the same price.What goes up; must come down- unless it is a pop up tent. Thousands of campers abandon their tents unable to rise to the challenge of popping down their pop ups.The couple who sold the idea of the loyalty clubcard to Tesco and made millions for themselves and the company are hoping to repeat the trick with theatres.And judging a charity's effectiveness by the amount of their income they spend on themselves is misleading, says new research.

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