Call You and Yours: Is Britain becoming more religious?

On Call You&Yours today we'll be asking how religious is the British public and how has this changed over time

Church of England figures on attendance show a 'levelling off' in the long decline in Anglican churchgoing. They also show a continuing large presence of people who are "nominal" (non-church-going) Anglicans. That describes those who believe in God but go to church only once or twice a year for a wedding, funeral or at Christmas.

The other factor that supports this more hands-off kind of Anglicanism, is the steady increase in cathedral attendances, the big success story alongside Christmas churchgoing, of recent years.

Another sign of growth is in baptisms, especially of children and young people.

So how important is religion to you? Do you go to church? If so why? Do you attend the mosque or temple regularly? Or do you think it's not for you?

03700 100 444 is the number or you can e-mail via the Radio 4 website or text us on 84844. Join Julian Worricker at four minutes past twelve.

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