Accents Will Happen

New research at the University of Liverpool is tracking for the first time in the United Kingdom how and what words babies and toddlers are picking up or understand. According to Professor Caroline Rowland and her colleague Anna Christopher what is emerging is the need to take into account the different dialects spoken. But what's in an accent or dialect ? Should we be correcting children's accent and grammar so that they are not disadvantaged later in life and how and what influences they way we speak; for dialectologist Dr Andrew Hamer we are all products of our history. In this edition of 'Word of Mouth' Michael Rosen talks to those who love or loathe their accent; those who have managed to retain their accent and those who have changed the way they speak concluding with voice and dialect coach Charmian Hoare who works with actors and Vicky Carpenter who trains- well anyone and claims she can make you 'accent-less' but is there such a thing ? surely we all have an accent ?

Presenter: Michael Rosan
Producer :Perminder Khatkar.

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28 minutes

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Mon 6 May 2013 23:00

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