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Tuesday 30 April

New figures show more than 10,000 offences of serious violence were dealt with last year without prosecutions or cautions. UKIP leader Nigel Farage responds to claims that his party are "clowns". And Jason Collins has become the first male athlete in a major American team sport to reveal he's gay.
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    Our editors this morning were Lewis James and Adam Cumisky. Thanks for all your comments and feedback today, we're back tomorrow from 0600. Coming up next on BBC Radio 4 - Edward Stourton presents Syria: Can Aid Meet The Challenge? 

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    A new report from the left leaning think tank the IPPR, says voting should be made compulsory for first-time voters to encourage the habit of voting and increase turnout among the youth. Deborah Mattinson, director of Britain Thinks, and Conservative Future national deputy chairman, Sarah-Jane Sewel, discuss how to get young people to vote.

    @BBCr4today Young people are interested in politics though..but not the westminster established kind. time to adapt way politics work
    Anna Dodridge
    @BBCr4today if voting is compulsory for anyone people would have to spoil ballots to show no party is representative.
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    Amnesty International believe that Sri Lanka should not be allowed to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in November, unless systematic human rights violations are stopped. We hear from Dr Chris Nonis, Sri Lanka's High Commissioner to the UK.

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    We may not eat much horse meat in the UK but we export it. Now there are growing concerns that some of it is ending up on our plate despite not being fit for human consumption. One suggestion is there should be a new national database with a passport to match every horse in Britain. Nicola Stanbridge reports.

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    Business news with Simon Jack as Whitbread announces strong annual sales and reveals plans for the expansion of Costa Coffee and Premier Inn - which it owns.

    Dax Lovegrove
    Costa coffee sales rocketing up during period of Starbucks tax avoidance scandal #r4today
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    A Royal College of Teaching - modelled on the professional bodies set up for doctors - should be created, according to a booklet launched by a Conservative MP today. Charlotte Leslie, a member of the Commons Education Committee, suggests why the new organisation is needed to spread expertise and stop politics encroaching too much on the way teaching is performed in British schools.

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    A team at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) has launched a project to recreate the first ever web page. The BBC's science correspondent Pallab Ghosh reports.

    The web was originally conceived to meet the demand for information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world.
    - CERN
    Loz Kaye
    Loz Kaye @LozKaye tweeted:
    Great piece on how the web is about making information freely available on @BBCr4today . "defend universality"

    John accidentally said the web was created 200 years ago, which many of you picked up on. Apologies for the stumble, he did of course mean 20!

    Alex Botten
    Web around for '200 years' states John Humphries on @BBCr4today - I checked my calendar to make sure I wasn't suddenly in the future
    Anna Beecher
    'It's 200 years ago since the world wide web was made available'??! @BBCr4today have I time travelled in my sleep?
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    US basketball player Jason Collins has come out as gay, and is the first active male athlete in a major American professional team sport to do so. Matthew Todd, editor of  gay lifestyle Attitude magazine, and John Amaechi, a retired NBA basketball player who came out as gay after he retired, give analysis on public reaction to the news.

    Evan Davis
    Evan Davis @EvanHD tweeted:
    .@JustinOnWeb has had two gay items in two days on #r4Today. One more and he's a dead cert for icon status. #teambeckham

    As the Guardian reports, the public reaction to the revelation has been largely supportive of Collins:

    "Jason's announcement is an important moment for professional sports and in the history of the LGBT community."
    - Bill Clinton, former US President

    Sarah Barber
    You can be fired for being gay in 30 American states? @BBCr4today is eye-opening today... #gayrights
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    Police in England and Wales dealt with more than 10,000 serious violence offences without prosecutions or cautions last year. Peter Neyroud, former chief constable of Thames Valley discusses the implications of the use of "community resolutions", which can include an apology or compensation to the victim.

    Danny Shaw
    Ex Chief Constable Peter Neyroud tells @BBCr4today there are "real concerns"about using community resolution to deal with domestic violence
    Danny Shaw
    Acpo's Gary Shewan tells @BBCr4today "proven benefits" of using community resolution but forces must look carefully at when it's used
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    Our Business presenter, Simon Jack, is hearing reports that sales at Whitbread have soared. The company, which owns Costa Coffee and Premier Inn, says it plans to hire 12,000 more people over the next five years. 

    Simon will have more on this in the Business news at 0840.

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