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Liam escapes Bianca’s stall when he sees Tiff with an MP3 player he suspects is stolen. Tiff admits it was given her by Ali from the gang. Furious, Liam calls Bianca, revealing the text ‘Liam R.I.P’. Bianca calls the police. They get Tiff to identify Ali and promise to surround the school with police. Liam suggests he goes to Ricky’s but Bianca’s vehement he stays. Morgan and Tiff don’t want him to leave. Liam quietly agrees to stay.

In R & R, Sharon’s angry Janine’s messed up the orders. Janine wants the accounts done in 2 hours. Sharon’s stressed. Phil picks up Dennis, pays for his school trip, and brings in Jean to help. Sharon’s spiky about being thought incompetent but concedes she needs help. Phil says he’s there to help Sharon with Dennis and wants them to move back in. They kiss but Sharon says they’re friends. Phil asks how many more chances they’ll get. He loves her. Sharon deliberates. At Phil’s, there’s a knock on the door. Sharon enters and answers him with a kiss. Phil leads Sharon upstairs...

Michael goes to his lawyer who warns against a complex, expensive and emotionally draining court case. Later, Michael tells Kat everything’s fine but Phil rejects Michael’s offer of a half share in the gym. Kat argues with Janine. She urges Michael not to give up – get a different lawyer.

With Lucy frosty, Jean encourages Ian about the restaurant. Janine taunts him. Ian’s excited when he secures the lease but fumbles through explaining about the funds. He asks Jean not to tell Denise yet.

Carol’s upset with Masood for interfering with Steve. Eventually, she admits they might have a future together.

Dex apologises to Cora about Ava’s behaviour. Initially cold, she can’t refuse a game of crib with Dexter…

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Tue 23 Apr 2013 22:30


Role Contributor
Sharon RickmanLetitia Dean
Phil MitchellSteve McFadden
Janine ButcherCharlie Brooks
Michael MoonSteve John Shepherd
Kat MoonJessie Wallace
Liam ButcherJames Forde
Bianca ButcherPatsy Palmer
Carol JacksonLindsey Coulson
Masood AhmedNitin Ganatra
Ian BealeAdam Woodyatt
Jean SlaterGillian Wright
Lucy BealeHetti Bywater
Cora CrossAnn Mitchell
Dexter HartmanKhali Best
Tiffany ButcherMaisie Smith
Morgan ButcherDevon Higgs
Norman PikeTimothy Bentinck
Executive ProducerLorraine Newman
DirectorIan Barber

Shocked Sharon confronts "K"

Kathy and Sharon

Sharon looks like she's seen a ghost when she comes face-to-face with Kathy!

Confide in me


Desperate to send a message to Phil, Kathy calls The Vic to speak to Tracey.

Detective Dot catches Cora

Cora and Dot

Dot decides to follow her friend... and learns she's been living in Patrick's shed!