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Tuesday 23 April

George Osborne discusses the possibility that Scotland may not be allowed to keep the pound if it becomes an independent country. Evan Davis speaks to Lloyd Blankfein - the boss of Goldman Sachs - about why small businesses are still struggling to get bank loans. And: could porn be good for us?
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    Clare Thorpe and Dave McMullan were our editors today. Thank you for all your comments and feedback, we're back tomorrow from 0600. Next on Radio 4: Stephanomics. Good morning.

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    Nearly 40 years ago Ted Heath's government scrapped county names like Cumberland. Juliet Gardiner, British historian and a commentator, discusses news that cabinet minister Eric Pickles is looking to reintroduce them.

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    Last week Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff paper that showed that growth slows dramatically if a country's debt goes over 90% of its GDP was found to contain significant errors. Tom Herndon, a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, explains that he discovered the inaccuracies while he was doing his homework.

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    One of the questions to come out of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust inquiry into hospital abuse was: why are there so few prosecutions for neglect in the NHS? Dr Hannah Quirk, lecturer in criminal law at the University of Manchester, explains that the report that she co-authored found that the law needs to be changed in order to get more successful prosecutions.

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    It will take "something very, very major" to get the UK out of its economic "depression", the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said. The BBC's economics editor Robert Peston provides analysis.


    Peston has also blogged on this issue for the BBC News website:
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    Canada's authorities charge two people with conspiring to carry out an "al-Qaeda linked" attack on a passenger train in the Toronto area. The BBC's security correspondent Gordon Corera reports.

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    This Monday on BBC Radio 4, a new series of crime drama Interrogation:

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    Intelligence Squared will be hosting a debate today on the subject "Pornography is good for us: without it we would be a far more repressed society". Germaine Greer, feminist author, academic and broadcaster, and Anna Arrowsmith, feminist pornographic film director who works under the pseudonym Anna Span, and runs a campaign website for people who work in the sex industry called, discuss whether there are wider benefits of pornography.

    Lisa Appignanesi
    Greer on effect of Porn @BBCr4today: 'We are getting further away from each other as two sexes than we ever have been before.'
    Here's the official website for tonight's debate:
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    The case for an independent Scotland retaining the pound in a currency pact with the rest of the UK is "not clear", according to Treasury analysis. Chancellor George Osborne outlines the government's position.

    George Osborne on SNP: "Trying to make independence an easy step when in fact it’s a very difficult step for the Scottish people." #r4today
    norman smith
    Chancellor signals UK Govt wd not want to share £ with an independent scotland -"not clear thats in the interests of the UK" @bbcr4today
    It's unlikely we could make it work, there are some very big questions about why the rest of the United Kingdom would want to tie itself to the economic policies of what would become a foreign government.
    - George Osborne

    George Osborne
    In Scotland to talk about what independence would mean for the £ and why we are better together
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    Many of you are getting in touch about a story being carried by some of this morning's newspapers about how much Britons love tea, with one in four of us drinking five cups or more every day:

    Heather Jones
    @BBCr4today just poured the day's first cup of tea, from a pot, made with leaves. Real tea
    Abigail Scott Paul
    In praise of #tea. My mother used to call me a 'tea jenny'. Anyone else get called that? @BBCr4today
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