Episode 5

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Bang Goes the Theory, Series 7 Episode 5 of 8

Duration: 30 minutes

With the recent horsemeat scandal fresh in our minds, the team ask how much we really know about what's on our dinner plate, and investigate the surprising world of food technology.

Maggie finds out how scientists use DNA to identify what is in ready meals, and why the horsemeat scandal wasn't detected earlier; and she asks how much of our food is actually a product of the chemistry lab.

Liz investigates how flavour scientists have been fooling our taste buds for years, and finds out what makes meat taste of meat; while Jem explores the science of suspended animation that keeps old food looking deceptively fresh on the shelf.

  • Meat here? Hunting for data about the food supply chain

    Raw meat

    Recent news reports have been dominated by stories about the sale of mislabeled processed meat products offered by well-known brands in supermarkets across the UK.

    Dr Tony Hirst of The Open University finds out what sorts of data are available to explore the operation of the food supply chain.


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    Jem Stansfield and a toy car

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Liz Bonnin
Jem Stansfield
Maggie Philbin
Series Producer
Paul King
Executive Producer
Tina Fletcher-Hill


The Open University

The Open University

If Bang stirs your interest in science then visit The Open University and discover more.

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