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Wednesday 10 April

A new report suggests Afghanistan could descend into a civil war within a few years of the withdrawal of British and American forces. The chief executive of HBOS has apologised for the way he ran his bank and offered to give up his knighthood. And how long should it take to complete a crossword?
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    Thank you for helping #r4today to trend on Twitter this morning. We appreciate all your comments and feedback. Our editors today were Andrew Bryson and Sareen Bains. Next on Radio 4: James Naughtie presents The Man Who Made Scotland. Good morning.

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    Parliament meets today to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher but not every MP is planning to atttend. We speak to Ronnie Campbell, MP for Blyth Valley, who won't be there, and Connor Burns - the Conservative MP for Bournemouth West.

    Labour MP Ronnie Campbell says he would "rather be put in the torture chamber" than attend the Commons debate on Margaret Thatcher. #r4today
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    Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse, and John Henderson, crossword setter for the Guardian, discuss how long it should take to complete a crossword.

    Colin Dexter has previously written about techniques to help solve crosswords for the Guardian:
    Andras Sobester
    Someone who does a crossword is a CRUCIVERBALIST. Thank you #r4today!
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    A protest at a trade fair in Hanover which was attended by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel saw pictures of the demonstration by a group called FEMEN splashed across newspapers and television screens around the world. The reason for such massive coverage was the fact that the women were topless. John Humphrys speaks to Alexandra Shevchenko is the leader of the FEMEN branch in Germany.

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    One in three Liberian girls now gets pregnant before the age of 18. Today presenter James Naughtie visited an up-country health centre, in a poor rural area, to learn about a remarkable effort to bring the problem of sexual assault on children into the open.

    The Today programme's James Naughtie hears from a young boy who plays a teacher in a play imploring villagers to take rape more seriously. The Rural Health Clinic in #BongCountry #Liberia stages a play to confront rape and sexual violence. #r4today
    Young people at a children's club attached to the Rural Health Clinic in #BongCounty, #Liberia perform a play imploring villagers to take rape more seriously. The Today programme's James Naughtie reports. #r4today
    Young people at a children's club in Liberia perform a play imploring villagers to take rape more seriously #r4today
    A girl watches as young people perform a play designed to confront rape and sexual violence at a children's club attached to the Rural Health Clinic in #BongCounty, #Liberia. The Today programme's James Naughtie reports. #r4today
    BBC Radio 4 Today
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    Lucinda Morrell
    @BBCr4today on a more serious note, your instagram account is wonderful. Really gives a deeper understanding to #r4today
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    Many of you have picked up on some background noise during our report from Afghanistan earlier. Fortunately things have quietened down now!
    Liz Anderson
    John Humphrys & #r4today broadcasting from a building site this morning? Swear I just heard someone say "Mine's tea, milk & 4 sugars, luv."
    Chris Neill
    There's someone dying on top of a double bass on @BBCr4today this morning.
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    The Girl Guide Association has signed up to the No More Page Three campaign. Jenni DcDermott, chair of the Girl Guiding delegation of the British Youth Council, and Leilani Dowding, former page three girl and fashion designer, discuss the publication of photographs on page three of tabloid newspaper.

    "We would like The Sun, as a leading UK newspaper, to promote positive role models to inspire girls and young women and help everyone to understand that women are never for sale."
    - Girl Guides, writing to The Sun's editor
    Dominic Mohan
    Grace Dent
    The Girl Guides are supporting No More Page 3. I love this.… @NoMorePage3

    I once did a survey of everyone I saw with a Sun newspaper. I asked why they bought it. Lots of reasons - the sport, the crossword, the cartoons, the offers. No-one bought it for page 3!

    simon whiteside
    @BBCr4today I thought radio was the perfect medium to discuss the "page 3" issue. No images to get in the way no visual comparison possible
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    There is little the UK can do to influence the future of Afghanistan once UK forces pull out next year, and there is the real possibility it will descend into full-blown civil war within a few years, a report from the Defence Select Committee has warned. Lucy Morgan Edward, author The Afghan Solution, who submitted evidence to the Committee for this report, and Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, discuss the security situation in the country.

    Philip Hammond on Afghanistan: The fact that the place is not perfect… should not detract from the progress that’s been made.” #r4today

    "We have received starkly opposing predictions for Afghanistan's outlook, post 2014. The fact is that the UK has limited influence. Indeed, it is for the Afghan people themselves to determine their own future."

    James Arbuthnot, chairman of the Defence Select Committee

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    Britain's children were described as the unhappiest in the developed world by the United Nations six years ago but the organisation has now released a new study suggesting children's lives in the UK are improving. Anita Tiessen, deputy executive director of Unicef UK, and children's commissioner Dr Maggie Atkinson, talk about the challenges that some children face in the UK.

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