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Monday 8 April

Critics fear support for disabled people will be reduced as a new benefits system begins in the north of England. Local councils are to begin charging a late night levy on licensed businesses open at night. And the latest on talks with Iran about its desire to enrich uranium.
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    The Huguenots came to this country in the 16th century, they were protestants and they had been persecuted in France. There is a festival starting today to mark their contribution to the east London area of Spitalfields. Tessa Murdoch, head of the metal works collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum and a consultant to the festival, and Stan Rondeau, a 12th generation Huguenot, explain the impact that the family had on the East London.

    Here is the festival's official website:

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    Disability Living Allowance will be replaced with the Personal Independence Payment for some new claimants. Stephen Duckworth, the founder and chief executive of Disability Matters Limited, outlines his view in the changes that are coming in today.

    The Guardian interviewed him earlier this year:

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    The South Korean government says there are signs that North Korea may be preparing a fourth nuclear test. This weekend there were unusually blunt comments from China's President Xi Jinping warning that no one should be allowed to throw the region or the world into chaos for its selfish gains. We speak to Martin Patience, our Beijing Correspondent.

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    Business news with Simon Jack. Portugal's borrowing costs are on the rise this morning after the constitutional court ruled that many of its planned austerity measures are illegal.

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    How much do people in the UK take a vested interest and have faith in politics and politicians? The Today programme's Justin Webb met with and hears from people that do and people that do not.

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    Fat that congeals in the London sewer system in boulder-sized "Fatbergs" is soon going to be poured into the world's largest fat-fuelled power station in East London. Bob Smith, Thames Water's technical coordinator, and Andrew Mercer, the boss of 20C the company that built the plant, discuss how the fat is obtained, and the levels of pollution that it will cause.

    Alice Perry
    This sci-fiesque fatberg energy story is my favourite news story of the week! #r4today
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    The government starts introducing a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) on today. The BBC's home editor Mark Easton explains that PIP will replace Disability Living Allowance for eligible working age people aged 16 to 64, and Richard Hawkes, chief executive of Scope, the charity that aims to help people with disabilities and Esther Mcvey, the disability minister, debate whether the changes will help people with disabilities more than the outgoing system.

    @EstherMcVeyMP tells @BBCr4today "most people won't be reassessed until 2015" #disability #DLA

    "The vast majority of claimants get the benefit for life without any systematic reassessments.”
    - Esther McVey, Disability Minister

    There is a general acceptance that all disabled persons are living out of the pockets of others - not true. We disabled people are not just scroungers, far from it.
    - Sue
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