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Wednesday 20 March

The chancellor George Osborne delivers his fourth budget later today. A housing association in Manchester has advised residents to give up bingo, cigarettes and Sky TV to save money when the so-called "bedroom tax" comes in. And how would Britain fight a potential cyber war?
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    Thank you for all your feedback on this morning's programme and live page, and thanks the team at the 4am Cafe in Nottingham for letting us broadcast live from there. Libby Purves is up next on BBC Radio 4 with Midweek, and we're back from 0600 tomorrow.
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    George Osborne will set out how he intends to use cuts to Whitehall budgets to benefit the economy, when he delivers his fourth Budget later. The Today programme's Evan Davis gives analysis.

    He also speaks to Diane Corbin, who owns Nottingham's 4am Cafe - where Evan has been broadcasting live from this morning:

    Diane Corbin owns Nottingham's 4am Cafe #r4today
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    Shocking mobile phone footage has emerged in Egypt of a huge mob lynching, beating, and hanging of two suspected criminals. The BBC's Aleem Maqbool reports from the delta region of Gharibya.

    Some of the footage has been posted on the BBC News website:

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    In February, Nottingham Forrest football team rehired the manager, Billy Davies, that they had sacked just 20 months before. Since a 6-1 win against Huddersfield Town on the 19th Feb, they have won every game since. Paul Taylor, an English football player, outlines the reasons behind the club's success.

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    The Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King, once said it was not rational to start a bank run, but rational to participate in one once it has started. Are European banks about to be tested? Yesterday the UK government sent a plane carrying a million Euros in cash to provide contingency funds for use by British military personnel if Cyprus if cash machines dry up: the banks are closed until Thursday.

    Talking to Today business presenter Simon Jack, Peter McNamara, a former head of personal banking at Lloyds TSB as well as former group managing director of Alliance and Leicester, said that "banking is very dependent on confidence... a bit of a panic can rapidly develop as people want to be... first in the queue to get their money while there is still some available."

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    The UK could move a step closer to allowing the creation of babies from two women and a man later. The Today programme's science correspondent Tom Feilden, explains that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is to advise ministers and report on a public consultation and the latest advances in the field.

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    State-sponsored cyber-attacks must avoid sensitive civilian targets such as hospitals, dams, dykes and nuclear power stations, according to an advisory manual on cyber-warfare written for Nato, which predicts that online attacks could in future trigger full-blown military conflicts. Professor Michael Schmitt, chairman of the international law department at the United States Naval War College, and Sadie Creese professor of Cyber Security at Oxford, outline the potential threat.

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    Coming up

    Libby Purves just popped into the studio to tell Justin what's this morning's Midweek programme, coming up at 9am on Radio 4:
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    The Chancellor, George Osborne, delivers his Budget this afternoon. Michael Heseltine, speaks to the Today programme's Evan Davis live from Nottingham, and Nick Robinson, the BBC's political editor provides analysis.

    Toby Reid
    #r4today's @EvanHD 'life sciences putting life into the economy'.. Nice close, thank you!

    Evan has been touring Nottingham to find out more about its creative industries:

    #r4today's @EvanHD tours Nottingham to find out more about its creative industries #budget13

    Evan visited the film house which produced This Is England - which was mostly set in Nottingham:

    @EvanHD visited the film house that produced This Is England - which was mostly shot in Nottingham #r4today
    Lilian Greenwood
    "@BBCr4today: On now: @EvanHD sees Nottingham's creative industries in action #Budget13 #r4today" < great to hear Nottm on for right reasons
    A production desk at the film house in Nottingham #r4today
    @BBCr4today is all about #Nottingham today! Enjoying hearing all about my home town on the radio over breakfast!
    The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson has blogged about what might be in the budget:
    Kate O'Donnell
    Just heard Nick Robinson on #r4today use the word "omnishambles". Respect to #TheThickOfIt. Tho a certain Malcolm Tucker word missing!!

    The BBC's Economics editor Stephanie Flanders says the chancellor may have to borrow more than expected:

  • 20 Mar 2013 07:55:37


    As Chris Aldridge reads this morning's news headlines, Business presenter Simon Jack has time to tuck into a bacon sandwich in Nottingham:
    During the news, Business presenter @simonjacktoday tucks into a bacon sandwich in Nottingham #r4today
    Coffee House
    Hi 5 to @BBCR4Today for bringing pictures to radio via @instagram! Good luck in the Cafe today ;)
    Rachel Robey
    Thrilled to hear that @BBCr4today is in Nottingham this morning #nottinghamrocks
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