The Spirit of '45; difficult second films; Shell

Francine Stock discusses the challenges of making a second film after a successful debut with award winning director of Shifty, Eran Creevy, and Telegraph film critic Tim Robey. Eran Creevy's second film after Shifty - a low budget film set on a council estate similar to where he himself grew up - is Welcome To The Punch, a glossy thriller set in a 21st century financial centre of glass and steel, starring James McAvoy and David Morrisey. Also out this week is Lee Daniel's The Paperboy starring Nicole Kidman and John Cusack. Paperboy is Lee Daniels' follow up film after the hugely successful Precious about an obese teenager in Harlem. As a director's reputation may depend on the follow-up film, what are the pressures and what are the pitfalls? Scottish director Scott Graham talks about Shell, his debut film set on a lonely fuel station road in the Scottish Highlands. Shell is the nickname of a 17 year old living with her father after her mother abandoned them both years earlier, and provides a moving account of a complex close relationship set against the backdrop of a landscape which is paradoxically panoramic yet also claustrophobic. Producer Rebecca O'Brien and editor Jonathan Morris discuss the challenges of putting together archive in Ken Loach's new archive documentary The Spirit of '45, an evocative portrait of a moment of British political history, the end of war and the creation of the Welfare State. The film combines archive from the time with fresh interviews from people who remember it. What are the particular constraints in accessing archive which has to be assembled digitally, compared to Ken Loach's preferred way of working on celluloid? And continuing our occasional series in which people in the industry talk about how they got started, Col Needham reveals how the internet movie website IMDb, which he founded and is now the CEO of, came into being. Producer: Hilary Dunn.

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