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Duration: 30 minutes

Jack slips out of the Arches, bumping into first Michael then Joey, Sharon and Kirsty. He’s distracted when he sees Dexter heading for the Arches, but Dexter doesn’t see Phil lying in the inspection pit. Sharon’s bemused by Jack’s behaviour and notices his injured hand. Jack tracks down Max at the car lot but, before he can confess, Tanya, Abi and Lauren burst in. Jack rushes home and starts packing only for Dot to arrive. Sharon leaves the R&R contract at the Arches with some clauses circled but doesn’t spot Phil in the pit. When his phone rings, Phil starts to stir. Max arrives at Jack’s and Jack admits what’s happened; he’s convinced Phil’s dead. Dot makes the brothers accompany her to Derek’s drinks. Phil crawls out of the pit. In the Vic, Jack eventually cracks and tells Sharon he’s going to prison. He claims they’re finished – he loved her and she broke it. Sharon flees, humiliated. Then Phil staggers into the pub. As people rush to call an ambulance, Phil lunges at Jack – you did this…

Max and Kirsty argue, but Max eventually agrees to the birthday drinks for Derek. This then triggers tension between Tanya and Kirsty. Joey’s not interested, he doesn’t want Derek remembered. Abi and Lauren grudgingly attend the drinks and Tanya also goes, to make a point to Kirsty. Dexter and Ava are amused, the place is crawling with Brannings. Alice is touched when everyone toasts Derek, and Max and Jack recite his birthday rhyme. Tanya worries her family’s slipping away. In the playground, Lucy finds Joey staring at Derek’s grandfather’s watch and is bemused when he smashes it.

Michael admits to Alice he’s broke and offers her an expensive watch. Glad he’s been honest, Alice won’t take it but accepts an IOU.

Music Played

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Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Jack Branning
Scott Maslen
Max Branning
Jake Wood
Sharon Rickman
Letitia Dean
Alice Branning
Jasmyn Banks
Kirsty Branning
Kierston Wareing
Tanya Cross
Jo Joyner
Dot Branning
June Brown
Lauren Branning
Jacqueline Jossa
Abi Branning
Lorna Fitzgerald
Dexter Hartman
Khali Best
Ava Hartman
Clare Perkins
Carol Jackson
Lindsey Coulson
Bianca Butcher
Patsy Palmer
Michael Moon
Steve John Shepherd
Joey Branning
David Witts
Executive Producer
Lorraine Newman
Nigel Douglas
Jesse O'Mahoney


Alfie gets a grilling


Alfie is taken away for questioning. Is the truth about to come out?

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