Fay Weldon on the Cazalets; Frances O'Grady

Fay Weldon and Lin Coghlan, the adaptor of The Cazalets, discuss depicting intimacy in fiction and drama. Why women in their 50's earn less than their younger counterparts. Samira Ahmed talks to TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady and to Abeer Zeibak Haddad, the director of Duma, a groundbreaking film which looks at the sexual assault of women in Arab and Palestinian society. And are big eyebrows back in fashion?

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The Cazalets and intimate relationships

You can hear an adaptation of Marking Time, the second book in Elizabeth Jane Howard’s family saga, The Cazalets on Radio 4 for the next three weeks. Set in the 1930s and 40s, this was a time when sex was not talked about but the storylines created seem surprisingly modern –  incest, date rape and a potential lesbian relationship. To discuss how to adapt these books and portray intimate relationships in historical fiction convincingly, Samira is joined by the adaptor of 'Marking Time' Lin Coghlan and the novelist Fay Weldon.


Should you let your brow run wild?

Bushy eyebrows or at least fuller, darker, more masculine ones are back in fashion.  The look has been kick-started by the model of the moment Cara Delevingne. But it doesn’t mean the brow can run wild? How do you achieve the fuller look and is there anything you can you do if years of heavy plucking have left your brows looking sparse? Shavata Singh, who runs the Shavata Singh Brow studios, and Susannah Taylor, the editor of the website Getthegloss.com offer their tips.  

Why is the pay gap growing for women in their fifties?

According to recent analysis by the Trade Union Congress, women in their 50s earn nearly a fifth less than men of the same age, the widest gender pay gap of any age group. But perhaps the more surprising element of that research is that they also earn considerably less than other women in their 30’s and 40’s. Newly appointed General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O’Grady and Jo Swinson, Minister for Women and Equalities discuss the findings and how to support women facing low pay and old age poverty. 

The Power List – Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC

Frances O’Grady took up her post as the General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress last month, the first woman to hold that post in its 145 year history. Last week the panel for the Woman’s Hour Power List ranked her 11th on their list. Frances talks to Samira about her career,

Breaking the silence of sexual abuse in the Arab world.

‘My parents would get divorced, I would cause damage and ruin my brothers and sisters future". These are some of the reasons Arab women give for their silence after experiencing sexual assaults, in ‘Duma’ (Dolls) a documentary by Palestinian director Abeer Zeibak Haddad.  Duma is the first film in the Arab world to deal with a taboo subject that has been covered up for years: sexual assault and abuse of girls and women in Arab society. The director Abeer Haddad and Dr Eylem Atakav,  lecturer in Film and TV studies at the University of East Anglia discuss.

The first showing of Duma takes place from 7.15pm on Tuesday February 19 at UEA London, 102 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7EZ. The second screening is from 6pm on Wednesday February 20 at Cinema City, St Andrew’s Street, Norwich, NR2 4AD.


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