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Thursday 14 February

The former head of an NHS Trust speaks to us about his concerns over patient safety. OFSTED has found there is not enough strenuous physical activity in English schools. And why is the average British worker 40% less productive than the average American?
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    Research shows that one in four cricket players who leave the sport are likely to suffer depression and one in five army veterans will experience mental health problems. Josh Lewsey, a former England rugby international who now works at Citibank, and Jake Wood, a former banker who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, reflect on their own experiences.

    BBC Radio 4 Today
    Here's the former England rugby union international @JoshLewsey wearing a splendid purple jumper in the…
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    Ofsted's director of schools policy, Michael Cladingbowl, explains that the regulator has issued a report that says there is not enough strenuous, physical activity in many of England's school PE lessons. Baroness Sue Campbell, chair of the Youth Sport Trust, outlines what need to be done.

    LISTEN to the discussion:
    @BBCr4today When I was at school, we used to run around at playtime. At my kids school, running is banned due to health & safety #r4today

    My experience, and that of my children, is that school sports put people off being physically active.  Because it is built around competition, it teaches most children that they are losers and so it is not surprising many stop bothering to participate. Tom Fisher
    Cranky Acid
    School ruined sport for me. Endlessly tedious football is my only memory. Found cycling, badminton & fellwalking on leaving @BBCr4today

    When we lived in Australia, our children aged 4 and 6 attended swimming lessons, where their peers were already swimming lengths in freestyle and being encouraged to move onto butterfly. As a contrast, my children were used to picking up hoops from the bottom of the pool and practicing jumping in. We need to make exercise much more part of a daily routine in this country, as well as having higher expectations of what they can achieve. They are fit young people after all!
    Joanna Searle, via our Facebook page
    mary vanderpump
    @BBCr4today Ofsted created a culture which resulted in more q&a interrupting valuable, beneficial physical activity. Less talk, more walk
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    The village of Arkholme in Lancashire is trying to raise £2m to provide broadband for their community. The BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones reports.
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    VIDEO: Lancashire's B4RN project is showing how a community can build superfast #broadband @BBCRoryCJ…
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    Stephanie Flanders, the BBC’s economics editor, and Kate Barker, former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, analyse the findings of the Office for National Statistics that the average British worker is nearly 40% less productive than their US counterpart.

    Your commentators did not mention a major factor in the poor productivity of UK business - we are being buried in pointless bureaucracy. As a small business we employ a full time manager who does nothing productive, but spends her time trying to keep us out of trouble with the endless regulatory nonsense we are subjected to. Doug Salmon
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    Coming up at 0900 this morning on Radio 4, Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss ice ages on In Our Time
    Andy Bolton
    Looking forward to In Our Time about Ice Ages on @BBCRadio4 at 9AM, following Lord Bragg's interesting intro on @BBCr4today.
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    The BBC's arts correspondent Rebecca Jones reports that the National Theatre's team that created War Horse are reuniting with a version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, in Bristol.

    Paul Smith Bristol
    #r4today asking how do you follow war horse? Surely with war burger
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    It is two years since protesters occupied the Pearl roundabout in the centre of the capital of Bahrain, Manama, and there are reports this morning that a teenage protester has been shot dead in Bahrain. Frank Gardner, the BBC's security correspondent outlines the current political state in the country.

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    Free #Bahrain 'prisoners of conscience', Amnesty says
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    A former NHS manager has broken the terms of his secret compromise agreement to speak out about his concerns over patient safety which he claims led to his dismissal. Former health secretary, Conservative MP Stephen Dorrell, discusses whether there is a climate of fear inside the NHS.

    BBC Radio 4 Today
    'Gagging culture' over patient safety in #NHS is 'fundamentally wrong': health select cttee chair Stephen Dorrell tells #r4today

    The NHS runs on a climate of blame, fear and bullying as Walker has pointed out by breaking his gagging order. I was an academic consultant and one of the reasons I resigned was the blame bulling and incredibly poor management in the hospital I worked in. Anon

    Roger Barrett
    @BBCBreaking @bbcr4today good to see the BBC covering an NHS story. This is not an isolated case, NHS damaged by push to privatise services
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    Pretoria police have confirmed that a 30-year-old woman has died after being shot this morning at the home of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius.
    BBC Breaking News
    South African police investigating murder case after woman found dead at home of #OscarPistorius
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    The book How To Be An MP was the most borrowed book from the House of Commons library last year. Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, and Claire Perry, Conservative MP for the Devizes constituency and a member of the 2010 intake, discuss how helpful they found the book.

    Lee Dargue
    Main issue for MPs is that, to a degree, they ate free to do what they like, as there is no job description or remit @bbcr4today
    Wilts & Berks Canal
    As heard on #r4today favourite book of @claire4devizes MP is Canals of the South West- good choice
    David McKibbin
    "How to be an MP" by @paulflynnmp offers the sensible advice "avoid the rich, obsessed & tabloids and seek out the silent voices." #R4Today
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