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Monday 11 February

Plans for the long-term funding of social care in England is officially announced by the government. An abattoir in Romania which slaughters cattle and horses is being investigated as the possible source of horsemeat found in beef meals here. And a round-up of last night's BAFTA award winners.
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    The Chinese table-tennis champion Zhuang Zedong has died at the age of 73. Steven Tsang, professor of contemporary Chinese studies at Nottingham University, and Judy Hoarfrost, US table tennis player who toured in China in 1971 and knew Zhuang Zedong, explain that Mr Zedong was a key figure in the ping-pong diplomacy between the US and China in the 1970s.
    Michael  J Angelini
    #latenight #tabletennis #stiga #sportscraft #bat #sport
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     It's almost 10 years since the invasion of Iraq, and it's an anniversary that's being marked at London's Roundhouse with the beginning of a theatrical epic by one of the world's best known directors, Robert Lepage. David Sillito went to meet him during the final preparations.
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    "I don’t agree with all critics, but I do pay attention to them… that shocks some of them" says playwright #robertlepage
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    It will become compulsory for all schools in England to teach cookery to children between the ages of 7 and 14. Anita Cormac, food education specialist, John Vincent, report author and co-founder Leon restaurant chain, analyse the move.

    Henry Dimbleby
    So @JohnV_LEON is about to be on @BBCr4today celebrating the fact that cooking lessons are going on the curriculum.

    I went to a Grammar school in the 60's and we had cookery lessons leading to cookery O level - very useful too! Sue Rees
    Lucy @LucyLyons tweeted:
    @BBCr4today My husband is reception teacher and has gone in today with bags of vegetables and will be teaching the children how to make soup

    If schools are being required to have cookery lessons, particularly savoury dishes, who is to pay for the ingredients? With food banks increasingly part of the social and economic life of many, finding extra money for cookery ingredients may be too much. Christine Protz
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    Afghan interpreters who work for the British military are calling on the government to give them the right to claim asylum because they say they fear their lives will be in danger when UK forces leave. From Kabul the BBC’s defence correspondent Jonathan Beale reports.

    Mark Wallace
    It would be an awful betrayal if we leave Afghan interpreters at risk of losing their lives. @BBCr4today
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    Author Kathy Lette, and Michael Simkins, actor and writer, discuss the best way to hog the limelight, whether on the stage or at parties.

    em @civetta tweeted:
    Woman on #r4today saying women damage their careers by "not being outspoken enough". From bitter experience I'd say the opposite is true.
    The discussion was prompted by the publication of Alec Guinness's diaries last week which revealed that Laurence Olivier used to arrange for the lights to go up slightly when he came on stage and then go down again when he exited.
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    Plans for the long-term funding of social care in England will be officially announced by the government today. Christian Guy, Director of Centre for Social Justice, and Andrew Dilnot, author of the Dilnot Report into social care, examine the proposals.

    norman smith
    National Pensioners Convention's Dot Gibson @bbcr4today says Govts #care plan is just "tinkering at the edges"
    Sarah Wrixon
    Listening to @BBCr4today #socialcare Dilnot says Commission considered National Care Service but hasn't worked anywhere else
    Richard Wilson
    Very strong case for National Care Service being made on @BBCr4today. Sounds like a better idea to me.
    @BBCr4today What if a couple own their own home and one of them needs a care home? Do they have to sell their house?

    As a 74 year old, I paid National Insurance contributions for the 48 years of my working life, on the understanding that they were the "insurance" contributions funding my present and future social care. It then, laterly, became evident that HMG just put all our NI contributions down the years into the general pot of taxation income. So rather than the new 1.5P in the pound contribution now suggested by your guest this morning, surely the government should come clean that they have had our money once and squandered it? Richard Howlett
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    #socialcare cap "For the first time you don’t have to be terrified of the consequences of needing care" - Andrew Dilnot
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    #socialcare "People are still going to lose their homes to pay for this" argues Dot Gibson, National Pensioners Convention
    Dan Maguire
    Very articulate argument on @BBCr4today : if we all pay 1.5p in £ extra we can have fully funded free care in old age.

    I must be out of step with current thinking about paying for care.  If I have funds for example a house why should it not be sold to cover the cost of my care.  Why should my costs be paid for by others purely to protrect what my daughter can inherit?  Why is the ability to pass on our assets so protected  at the expense of others?
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    Sarah Montague reluctantly thanks Ben Rich for the weather forecast, despite the miserable outlook.

    May I put a word in for the poor maligned weather forecasters (Sarah Montague's comments after weather at 7.58 this morning)? Accurate forecasting helps us all to plan and stay safe. That's why we say 'thanks' for the weather forecast Sarah! Keep up the good work. Andy Rowley
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    Deborah Hallett, director of 90 Degrees, a management-consulting firm, and Lord Haskins, former chairman of Northern Food and a farmer, discuss to what extent the tangled global food supply chain is to blame for the current horsemeat crisis.

    ian katz
    Former food boss Lord Haskins says on @BBCr4today Findus was under pressure to cut costs because of private equity ownership

    The FSA advice to continue to eat the contaminated products assumes that those people who have 'fraudulently' used horse meat ensured the health, quality and safety of that meat before committing their fraud. I for one am not prepared to make that assumption.
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    The BBC's arts editor Will Gompertz reports on Sunday's Bafta awards.

    BAFTA @BAFTA tweeted:
    You're waking up to a brand new list of BAFTA winners. View the full list of recipients from last night's #EEBAFTAs...
    The top prize, Best Film, went to Argo, which also picked up the Best Director award for Ben Affleck (below).
     t o y s z a a a 
    Ben Affleck with the award for Best Film and Best Director for #Argo at the #bafta2013 #ootd #streetstyle #sweet #style #sneakerhead #streetfashion #instago #ignation #instagood #instagood #inkstagram #instamania #instaphoto #instaaddict #instagroove #instagramhub #igersmalaysia #instagrammers #instagramthailand #thailand #bangkok
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    #baftas "British cinema has had an ok year, but investment in British films fell by nearly 30% last year" reports @WillGompertzBBC
    Jennie Gundill
    Loving the amount of @BBCr4today chat about the amount of beard on parade at last night's #BAFTAs. Brilliant.
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    John and Sarah take a look at this morning's newspaper headlines.

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