Tegan and Sara; How to Create the Perfect Wife

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Eve Pollard, Dawn O'Porter and the rest of the Woman's Hour Power List judges discuss leading women in culture and how much power and influence they wield. Tegan and Sara: the Grammy nominated Canadian twins perform live. The competition, with a trip to space as a prize, that gives the impression only men can be astronauts - we're joined by the woman who wants to win it. Advice for partners of porn or sex addicts. And, How to Create the Perfect Wife... Wendy Moore on her book about Thomas Day, a man in Georgian society who tried to make his ideal partner.

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Support for partners of sex addiction including porn addiction

Last week we heard from a woman who told us about her husband’s sex addiction.  After the programme a number of you got in touch with us who were dealing with similar issues, including partner’s addiction to pornography. Jenni hears from Joy Rosendale, a psychosexual therapist about the support available to partners.


ATSAC   Association for the treatment of sexual addiction and compulsivity


 Marylebone Centre

 BBC article on sex addiction

SAA Recovery




Tegan & Sara

Tegan & Sara

Canadian music duo and identical twins Tegan & Sara have enjoyed a 13 year music career, with six albums behind them and a very loyal fanbase. The 32 year olds are both gay, have feminist beliefs, and write songs about relationships, making them popular icons for their young teenage fans. They were spotted by Neil Young, have played with the likes of The Killers and Rufus Wainwright, and have been covered by the White Stripes, but now with their new album Heartthrob they’ve taken a change of musical direction from popular indie rock to a more commercial pop sound. They join Jenni Murray to talk about their personal and musical outlook and perform their new track, I Was A Fool, live in the studio.

Tegan & Sara’s new album Heartthrob and their single Closer, are out on 11 February on Warner Bros Records

Woman's Hour Power List Deliberations on cultural figures

Woman’s Hour has been searching for the 100 most powerful women in Britain today. Over the past couple of months Eve Pollard and her team of judges – Priti Patel MP, Val McDermid, Dawn O’Porter, Baroness Oona King and the former Woman’s Hour editor, Jill Burridge, have been making their decisions. This is the second selection of their deliberations where they debate the relative influence of some of the women you nominated.  We join the panel as they discuss a few of leading culture figures. First, Dawn O’Porter who joined the gathering early in the morning from Los Angeles.


Women Are Astronauts Too

The men’s toiletry brand Lynx are running a competition to send one person from the UK into space. The advertising campaign has the strapline Leave A Man, Come Back A Hero, and gives the impression that being an astronaut is a job for a man. Kate Arkless Gray, who calls herself SpaceKate, is part of an online campaign that says woman are astronauts too, and is trying to win the competition herself. She’s got a response from Lynx, NASA, and the White House. She joins Jenni to tell us more.





How to Create the Perfect Wife

The true story of Thomas Day, a man in Georgian society who wanted a wife.  He couldn’t find his ideal partner, so he set about trying to make his own in a curious social experiment. Author Wendy Moore joins Jenni.


How to Create the Perfect Wife by Wendy Moore is published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Polling for Woman's Hour: 2015 Election

Woman's Hour

Woman's Hour reveals the findings of research into what women make of British politics.

Radio 4 ♥ Knitting


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Woman's Hour Chore Wars

Woman's Hour Chore Calculator - Promo

How equal is your household? Calculate the division of responsibilities in your home.

Woman's Hour Power List 2014 – Game Changers

Doreen Lawrence

Doreen Lawrence is named number one game changer.

Woman's Hour Takeover

Woman's Hour Takeover

Five remarkable women take over Woman's Hour for one week.

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