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Wednesday 6 February

A public inquiry into why NHS managers failed to spot the neglect of thousands of patients at Stafford Hospital is published today. There are plans for every dog in England to get a microchip so they cannot be lost and become stray. And what impact did Kraftwerk have on music?
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    Rebecca Adlington has retired from professional swimming at the age of 23. Simon Kuper, sports writer, and Sally Walton, 31-year old member of the England women's hockey team, discuss the peak age for an athlete.
    Michael Keane
    According to @BBCr4today I am right at my athletic peak now. How depressing.
  • 6 Feb 2013 08:52:05


    We've been hearing this morning about the shocking standards of care in hospitals in mid Staffordshire, but when it came to NHS managers, there were few resignations and no sackings. Has something gone wrong with the management culture at the NHS? Andrew Hosken reports.
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    Susan Cain, writer and author, and Baroness Tyler, vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility, discuss news that a group of MPs and Peers are calling for young people to be taught to develop character and resilience alongside more traditional academic skills.

    BBC Radio 4 Today
    Should schools teach pupils how to develop #character traits to increase social mobility and life chances? We'd like your thoughts #r4today
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    MEPs vote today to end overfishing and ban discards of unwanted dead fish. Richard Benyon, the Fisheries Minister, explains why the vote is necessary.

    BBC Radio 4 Today
    We want to end discards & centralised management of fisheries & have proper agreement on sustainable #fishing: Fisheries Min Richard Benyon
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    A school on Teesside is asking parents to correct their children's language. Sacred Heart Primary School in Middlesbrough is asking parents to tell their children not to use phrases like "gizzit ere" and "I dunno".  The head teacher says the chilldren risk disadvantagiing themselves when the time comes to get a job. We'll hear from the school's head teacher Carol Walker.
    Joe Harmston
    @BBCr4today The Head arguing for correct spelling and pronunciation should be made a Dame for services to her pupils. Language is power.

    Local dialect should not be snubbed:- Scottish schools do no discourage the use of Scots, in fact, they promote it. Graham Webster

    Trevor Mitchell
    @Redpeter99 @BBCr4today Not just 'oop norrth' or recent. As a Londoner it was ruler accross the knuckle if colloquialisms were used in class

    I'm outraged by the woman on the Today programme this morning, talking about children's regional accents. Are we going back to the 1950s? Are we all to speak with an RP accent again? Surely we should be encouraging tolerance of regional accents and dialects, not turning the clock back. Anwen Goodacre
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    Our top story this morning is the publication of the inquiry into the biggest scandal in the history of the NHS - hundreds of deaths caused by poor care at Mid Staffordshire Hospital Trust is published today. Today presenter Sarah Montague reports and Mike Farrar, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, looks into where nursing fell down.
    LISTEN to Sarah's report:
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    We have to use today to change culture of #NHS everywhere for staff and patients: Mike Farrar, chief exec of NHS Confederation #r4today
    Mel Gomes
    The report by @Sarah_Montague on the #NHS on @BBCr4today was essential, if shocking, listening. Great journalism and a must on I-player.

    I have a friend who is a midwife in Norfolk who has to work 12 hour shifts who tells me that her experience of working in the NHS is the same as those reported in your programme today. Form filling gone mad and managers who have clearly forgotten about nursing. Anonymous
    Gary C
    Gary C @Gazcalder tweeted:
    @BBCr4today my G.F is a nurse - frontline in a stressful ward.SO understaffed to the point she can't give care she wld want2-fire fighting.

    Last night, my husband and I attended an open night at Velindre Cancer Hospital where patients who will be undergoing radiotherapy were introduced to the service by the clinical staff, the dietician and the charity support representative.  After questions, tea and biscuits and a tour and full explanation of the radiotherapy unit we all left secure in the knowledge that this is the NHS as it should be.  All our contact with the very caring staff of this hospital is a model of excellence. Judith Cobb Young
    Nursing in the NHS is crisis management every day. Utterly demoralising to not be able to give good care. Simply not enough staff. #r4today

    As an NHS patient of 50 years, the key to the problems is that nursing is now a degree profession not a vocational one. Go back to having nursing as a vocation and, in 20 years time you will have your culture change. Jane Arnold-Forster

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    Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust, examines news that all dogs in England will need to be micro chipped to help tackle the growing problem of strays roaming the streets, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will announce today.

    BBC Radio 4 Today
    A #microchipped #dog 'is not proof of ownership' This announcement is a bit of a damp squib, says Beverley Cuddy of @Dogs_Today #r4today
    Dogs Trust
    @smithjj62 @BBCr4today yes we we will be heavily investing in free microchipping for all dogs over the next three years. #chipmydog
    David Foulds
    Well done Clarissa Baldwin @DogsTrust on @BBCr4today . Compulsory microchips will help us reunite lost dogs with worried owners #rescuedogs
    Matthew O'Callaghan
    @BBCr4today dogs: include dna saliva or blood with the chip so missing dogs or dog poo on pavements can be identified and owner fined
  • 6 Feb 2013 07:46:12


    The common fisheries policy of the European Union is meant to protect fish and protect the livelihoods of fishermen and protect our right to buy fish.  But it does not work and needs huge overhaul, according to many European MPs who will vote on big changes to policy today. From Seaton in Devon, our environment analyst Roger Harrabin reports.

    LISTEN to the report:
    Nireas Marine Research
    Big day for the fish today! The European Parliament is voting on the reform proposals of the Common Fisheries Policy. If they support most of the proposals tabled by the European Commission , they will have to go into trialogues with the EC and the Council. The result might not be ideal for our seas... but it will be better than what the Council voted for last year
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    Many of you are getting in touch to say how much you enjoyed hearing Kraftwerk on the programme earlier:
    Sian @madcowmagda tweeted:
    Kraftwerk on @BBCr4today As I woke . Am I dreaming and still asleep ?
    Zoe Arden
    Zoe Arden @zoearden tweeted:
    Is there someone new at @BBCr4today? 4 features on popular music in 2 weeks. Today Kraftwerk. Getting groovy?
    You can LISTEN to the item here:
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    A look at today's newspaper headlines.
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