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Saturday 2 February

David Cameron will meet the presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan as part of efforts to prevent a Taliban resurgence when British troops depart. Justice minister Jeremy Wright has described news of pork traces in food for Muslim inmates as unacceptable. Cameron will meet the presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan as part of efforts to prevent a Taliban resurgence when British troops depart. Justice minister Jeremy Wright has described news of pork traces in food for Muslim inmates as unacceptable.
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    Should non-Welsh speakers stay quiet during the Welsh national anthem at the rugby? Author Sion Jobbins and rugby writer Carolyn Hitt debate.
    HEAR the discussion here:
    Jonathan Legard
    #6nations champions predictions @BBCr4today Chris Paterson "France" Martin Corry "England"

    As a Welsh speaker,  I sing our national anthem at any opportunity.  for non Welsh speakers it should be a matter of free personal choice rather than should or shouldn't. The more singing it the better, of course, but  the last thing we want at a rugby international is a forest of Redwoods! Howard Edwards, Llandudno Junction
    Graham Musemunkey
    @BBCr4today I'm Welsh, I don't speak Welsh, I know nothing about rugby, I could care less. There I said it.
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    Sture Bergwall was thought to be Sweden's worst serial killer, convicted of eight murders in the 1990s on the basis of his own confessions. But since then he has retracted them and some of his convictions have been overturned. Jenny Kuttim worked on a documentary and has written a book about the case.
    LISTEN to the interview here:
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    What next for Mali? The BBC's world affairs correspondent Mike Wooldridge has been finding out.
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    How good are we at keeping police corruption in check? From 2008 until 2011 there more than 8,500 allegations of police corruption in England and Wales. 837 of those were referred to the Commission. But it only independently investigated 21 of those. Roger Graef, criminologist and a member of the Metropolitan Police Independent Advisory Group and Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police officers shed light on the issue.
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    Systems to investigate police corruption are 'uneven' across 43 #police forces, says criminologist Roger Graef #r4today
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    RT @PoliceChiefs: Sir Hugh Orde: "individual incidents (of corruption) rocks public confidence"

    Absence of evidence of corruption (in the shape of few complaints) is not evidence of absence of corruption.

    This is not to suggest any particular level of corruption in the police but rather suggests that another way of measuring (and better known and more easily used means of complaining about) corruption need to be found and put into place.

    Perhaps we need a registration body for the police in the image of the GMC.

    Dr David Matheson


    eddie duggan
    @BBCr4today @JustinOnWeb Perhaps policing of the police should be done by a division of Ofsted -- Ofcop? #singleRoguePoliceService
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    Traces of pork have been found in pies and pasties which were supplied to prisons as halal meat products for consumption by Muslim inmates. The government has ordered the withdrawal of contaminated products and has suspended its contract with a supplier. The Justice minister Jeremy Wright has described the situation as "absolutely unacceptable". Tim Lang, professor of Food policy at City University and Steve Wearne, a director of the Food Standards Agency debate the issue.
    Barry Sheerman
    @BBCr4today Truth about our whole food & farming sector is that supermarket stranglehold undermines integrity @yorkshirepost
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    Coming up @0817

    The artist Linder Sterling emerged from the 1970s Manchester Punk scene. She wore dresses made of meat 30 years before Lady Gaga, designed provocative single covers for The Buzzcocks. The BBC's reporter Colin Paterson met her.
    Colin Paterson
    This is the Linder Sterling Ballet @HepworthGallery mentioned in my @bbcr4Today piece.…
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    There's been newspaper speculation that tax breaks for the married might be brought as part of the prime minister's attempts to appease Conservative backbenchers, who are opposed to the coalition's same sex marriage proposals for England and Wales.
    BBC Radio 4 Today
    'Tuesday's vote isn't about the Conservative's about the institution of marriage' @davidburrowesmp #marriage #r4today
    Benedict Brogan
    David Burrowes on @BBCr4today: Dave should deliver what he promised (married tax allowance - costs) not what he didn't (gay marriage - free)

    Puzzling that while many heterosexual couples don't want to bother with marriage on the grounds that it is "just a bit of paper" and makes no difference to their relationship, same sex couples who can already have civil partnerships are not satisfied with that.Nan barker, Milford on sea, uk

    Helen Belcher
    So David Burrowes presumably thinks that forcing me and my wife to divorce is somehow protecting "marriage"and our children? @BBCr4today
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    The Presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan will be staying at Chequers tomorrow night. The prime minister has invited both Hamid Karzai and Asif Ali Zardari for talks and dinner there as part of his efforts to prevent a resurgence of the Taliban in the area after British troops leave. Diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendal and Orla Guerin, Pakistan correspondent, examine current relations between the three countries.
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    The guardians of Hadrian's Wall say it's so popular that it's in danger of being worn away. The Hadrian's Wall Trust is concerned with the rising number of running parties and charity groups who turn up en mass without warning. Linda Tuttiet, chief executive of the trust, joins the debate.
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    The seabirds washed up on the south coast of England were covered in a man-made oil. That much is known. What that oil is, is not known. Tony Whitehead is from the RSPB.
    Latest oiled birds figures. Yesterday at Chesil Beach, Dorset. 162 were rescued. 200 were dead. Previous day approx 100 were rescued and 15 dead. Hamish Marshall, Reporter South West
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