Call You and Yours - What will the HS2 do for you?

On Call You & Yours - The Government has unveiled the route of HS2, that's the high-speed rail network running from London via Birmingham to the north of England, stressing that the controversial project is "a vital engine for growth".

The preferred route of phase two running northwards from Birmingham will have five stops: Manchester; Manchester Airport; Toton near Nottingham; Sheffield; and Leeds.

We're asking what will HS2 do for you?

Manchester to London in an hour and 8 minutes..... thousands of new jobs and a huge shot in the arm for the economy, according to supporters of the high speed rail link...


..a blot on the landscape.... many years of disruption with a massive tax bill to subsidise a service that might never be fully used, according to those who oppose it.

Do you want the new High Speed railway line? Do you think the nation needs it? How will it change your life? What impact will it have on the north/south divide?

03700 100 400 is the number or you can e-mail via the Radio 4 website or text us on 84844. Join me at four minutes past twelve tomorrow.

Presenter: Julian Worricker
Producer: Maire Devine.

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