Claiming back for unused gift vouchers; Would you punch your PIN into a salesman's smartphone?

HMV went into administration this week, leaving those with gift cards unable to spend them. We look at how you may be able to claim back money if you purchased them with a debit or credit card. We will hear from listeners who have tried this process- with mixed results. Plus advice from Martin Lewis.
The government has revealed its plans for a new flat rate pension. We will be putting questions from listeners to Tom McPhail, Head of Pensions at Hargreaves Lansdown, to explain what the changes could mean for them.
The FTSE 100 index of shares has reached its highest point since May 2008 - before the financial crisis hit - rising above 6,100. Indeed last year, the index rose about 6%. But actually, if you'd had an index tracker fund you'd have seen returns even better than that - 8,9,10 even 11%. Money Box explains why with the help of David Kuo of Motley Fool.
Would you put your card into a salesman's smartphone? New apps have been developed that allow small peripatetic traders like plumbers and window cleaners to take credit card payments on their phones. But are they secure?
We speak to the app providers iZettle and Sum Up.
Producer: Charlotte McDonald.

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