Bill Granger; Laurie Penny and Charlotte Vere; early motherhood

Bill Granger Cooks the Perfect...pork ragu. What is the best way for women to engage in the political process? March and shout loudly or lobby and persuade for change? Journalist Laurie Penny and Charlotte Vere, founder of Women On, a campaign group for women in the economy, join us to discuss. Melissa Viney asks if there's a conspiracy of silence surrounding the early months of motherhood. Authors Susie Boyt and Jane Rogers talk about the creative impulses behind their novel writing.
Jane Garvey presents.
Producer, Karen Dalziel.

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Bill Granger

Australian chef Bill Granger cooks his version of the perfect Pork Ragu. It involves slow cooking pork with lemon, garlic and rosemary for 3 hours. Bill serves it with pasta and a sprinkling of toasted breadcrumbs or pangrattato. Bill is a self-taught chef who started working as a waiter whilst a student and gradually found himself drawn to a career in cooking, opening his first café at 22.

Being a New Mother

Having your first baby can be an exhilarating and joyful experience.  But caring for a newborn in those early weeks is most likely to be exhausting and an emotional rollercoaster. So do we give women adequate support and advice before the birth so they can cope with life after the birth? Some new mums, including Melissa Viney, tell Jane how they coped with the reality of their first baby, and Louise Silverton from the Royal College of Midwives explains what support women really need.

NICE: Postnatal Care

The Art of Writing Fiction

How do writers come up with their plot lines and what does it take to develop really believable characters?   Novelist and scriptwriter Jane Rogers has seven novels to her new name and a new collection of short stories, Hitting Trees with Sticks.  Susie Boyt’s fifth novel, The Small Hours, has recently been published.  They join Jane in the studio to discuss the tricks of their trade and where their inspiration comes from.

Woman's Hour Power List: Protest vs Lobbying

What is the best way for women to engage in the political process – march and shout loudly or engage in subtle targeted persuasion.  How best to make things happen?  Journalist Laurie Penny and Charlotte Vere, founder of Women On a campaign group for women in the economy, join Jane.

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