Konstantin Stanislavski

Anne McElvoy and guests discuss the life and work of the Russian director Konstantin Stanislavski. Born 150 years ago this month Stanislavski was the founder of the Moscow Arts Theatre (where he worked with Chekhov and Gorky) and the author of the 'Stanislavski method', arguably the most influential acting system in modern theatre and film.
Adam Mars-Jones reviews Utopia, a new drama by Channel 4 which centres on a conspiracy steeped in a graphic novel, and discusses to what extent we can be surprised by the modern thriller anymore.
Which should be our priority, growing the economy or protecting the environment? It's a question that's led to a much polarised debate. Now environmental campaigner Tony Juniper is arguing it's a mistake to think of the environment and the economy as being separate at all: the natural world provides all kinds of resources and services that are essential for our economic survival, and we ignore the relationship at our peril. He joins Anne, along with Dr Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
And the historian Jonathan Healey, one of our New Generation Thinkers, reflects on the proposals to change succession laws and what they might mean for the future of our monarchy.

Producer Estelle Doyle

Presenter Anne McElvoy.

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Utopia starts on Channel 4 on 15th January 2013.

Channel 4: Utopia

Tony Juniper

What Has Nature Ever Done for Us? by Tony Juniper is published on 14th January 2013 by Profile Books.

Tony Juniper: What Has Nature Ever Done for Us?


Stanislavski on Stage, an exhibition celebrating 150 years since the birth of the celebrated Russian director, is on at Pushkin House in London from 16th January - 12th February 2013.

Pushkin House: Stanislavski on Stage

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