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Phil tells Lola Jay and Cora can be godparents. Lexi gets a rash. Phil discovers it’s from the cream Lola put on Lexi. He shouts at her, implying she shouldn’t get Lexi back. Jack’s sickened, telling Sharon Phil’s a bully. Sharon asks Jack, then Phil, to celebrate New Year Eve’s at the Vic tonight. Phil tells Sharon Peggy’s not coming to the christening – because of her. Phil apologises to Lola and Billy. Sharon kisses Phil’s cheek, whilst Jack watches, vexed. As everyone counts down to midnight, Phil tells Jack: ‘this time next year Sharon will be mine.’

Zainab tells AJ he better help make her party the party of the century and get Tamwar and Ayesha together. AJ spikes the cherryade with alcohol and tells guests to arrive in fancy dress. Ian, Denise, Patrick, Kim and AJ get drunk. Denise says Zainab can have her job back. Ayesha drinks the spiked cherryade and gets drunk. Tamwar looks after her whilst she’s sick. Zainab, oblivious to Ayesha’s intoxication, thinks they’re getting together. Shirley leaves with stolen food. Fatboy takes a phone call for Zainab – someone’s coming tomorrow – and leaves the Masoods a note. Masood makes a public announcement to the delighted guests – the registry office has confirmed their wedding date: Valentine’s Day.

The police arrive at the Butchers’. Bianca tells Carol about Derek’s dodgy goods. Carol questions if Liam’s involvement is over. Liam swears it is. Liam overhears Carol and Bianca praising him, and texts Michael, telling him to keep the stuff; he’s out. Meanwhile at the boxing gym, Michael breaks into Derek’s lock box, discovering it’s full of cash. Alice arrives at the Butchers’ in time for New year.

Alfie asks delighted Roxy to move in with him. Kat overhears, gutted.

Kirsty rejects Michael’s advances, despite looking lonely come the midnight countdown.

Music Played

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Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Sharon Rickman
Letitia Dean
Jack Branning
Scott Maslen
Zainab Khan
Nina Wadia
AJ Ahmed
Phaldut Sharma
Tamwar Masood
Himesh Patel
Ayesha Rana
Shivani Ghai
Bianca Butcher
Patsy Palmer
Carol Jackson
Lindsey Coulson
Liam Butcher
James Forde
Morgan Butcher
Devon Higgs
Tiffany Butcher
Maisie Smith
Billy Mitchell
Perry Fenwick
Lola Pearce
Danielle Harold
Cora Cross
Ann Mitchell
Jay Mitchell
Jamie Borthwick
Alfie Moon
Shane Richie
Roxy Mitchell
Rita Simons
Kat Moon
Jessie Wallace
Michael Moon
Steve John Shepherd
Shirley Carter
Linda Henry
Whitney Dean
Shona McGarty
Tyler Moon
Tony Discipline
Denise Fox
Diane Parish
Kim Fox
Tameka Empson
Patrick Trueman
Rudolph Walker
Ian Beale
Adam Woodyatt
Poppy Meadow
Rachel Bright
Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb
Ricky Norwood
Alice Branning
Jasmyn Banks
Executive Producer
Lorraine Newman
John Howlett
Colin Wyatt


Gunning for Phil and Sharon

Shirley, Sharon and Phil

A shot is set to be fired... but in what direction does the bullet fly?

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