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Aggie MacKenzie; Ralph McTell; The Archers; Russell Grant's Inheritance Tracks

1 hour, 28 minutes
First broadcast:
Saturday 29 December 2012

John McCarthy and Suzy Klein with journalist and broadcaster Aggie MacKenzie, Martin Green who was Head of Ceremonies at the 2012 Olympics and Andrew Parker who was 'the human bridge' during the Zeebrugge ferry disaster. Felicity Finch reveals the Secret Life of the Archers, poet Luke Wright offers a festive rhyme, travel writer Adrian Mourby describes Kosice, one of the 2013 European Capitals of Culture, singer Ralph McTell takes us by the hand and leads us through the streets of London, and celebrity astrologer Russell Grant shares his Inheritance Tracks

Producer: Dixi Stewart.


    Aggie MacKenzie
    Journalist and TV presenter Aggie joins John McCarthy and Suzy Klein to talk about her life and work. 
    Her TV series Storage Hoarders, is on ITV1 every weekday at 2pm.

    Felicity Finch aka Ruth Archer

    Felicity Finch aka Ruth in The Archers doubles as a radio reporter.  Here she investigates the secret lives of her Archers co-stars: psychologist Charlotte Martin who plays Susan Carter; and music technologist Barry Farrimond who is Ed Grundy.

    Youth Space

    Muse Project


    Martin Green at the Olympics
    Listener Martin Green landed his dream job for the London 2012 Olympics and reports back on his amazing 5 years in the role.

    The Herald of Free Enterprise capsized at Zeebrugge
    Andrew Parker was a passenger on the Herald of Free Enterprise which capsized at Zeebrugge in 1987.  He used his body as a human bridge to help other passengers to safety and was awarded the George Medal for gallantry.

    Luke Wright
    Live original poetry from Luke.

    Kosice theatre in Kosice, Slovakia in Baroque style on main street
    Travel journalist Adrian tells us about Kosice in Slovakia, one of the two 2013 Cities of Culture.  The other is Marseille.

    Ralph McTell

    Ralph takes JP by the hand and shows him the streets that inspired his famous song ‘Streets of London’.

    Ralph’s new album, Sofa Noodling, is out now.


    Russell Grant
    Russell chooses This is my Beloved from Kismit and Never Can Say Goodbye by Gloria Gaynor.

    Aggie MacKenzie, Martin Green, Suzy Klein and John McCarthy
    Aggie MacKenzie, Martin Green, Suzy Klein and John McCarthy
  • Luke's poem

    The Slow Days

    The slow days down to New Year’s eve arrive,

    the sherry fug of Christmas afternoon

    is swapped for sodden walks and turkey pie

    as flames lick green their wrapping paper feast.


    In Bolton, Beccles, Basingstoke and Barrhead

    cabin fever seizes naughty boys.

    In Colchester, Kirkcaldy, Cowes and Croydon

    fathers take the batteries out of toys.


    And life plods on like boiled brussel sprouts,

    the papers ration out what news they can,

    it’s floods or sales or national archive scraps

    obituaries march sombre to the front.


    In Droitwich, Douglas, Dewsbury and Dawlish

    the grown-up single children leave for town.

    In Falmouth, Fishguard, Fakenham and Frodsham

    the tinsel round the bannisters falls down.


    And so we turn to retail parks and malls

    roam listlessly in close and drowsy wafts

    half-dazzled in the vast resplendent halls

    then join the traffic slowly shunting home.


    In Greenock, Glynneath, Glossop, Goole and Gosport

    the chocolate tins are cellophane and air.

    In Halstead, Harrow, Holyhead and Hexham

    a grandad guffs with gusto in his chair.


    But spare a thought for cops and chefs on shifts,

    for bellboys on a night bus in the rain,

    for grizzly guvnors hauling out the bins,

    for Jacks and Widow Twankies on the stage.


    In Leighton-Linslade, Letchworth, Looe and Loughor

    they roll the metal shop-fronts up at six.

    In Mossley, Morpeth, Melksham, Mere and Monmouth

    there’s breakfast DJs churning out the hits.


    And minutes fall like needles from the tree

    as neighbours call round: is it bins tonight?

    and relatives on platforms are set free

    ‘til finally the last hurrah pulls up.


    In Narbeth, Nayland, Normanton and Nantwich

    they’re counting down all pints and lily-flesh.

    In Potton, Prescot, Portishead and Paignton

    they snap the dead year off and start afresh.


Listeners say thank you

Boys cuddling in a field

Saturday Live listeners express their gratitude for good deeds done.


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    Celebrating the music that special guests cherish and would like to bestow to future generations.

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