O2 price rises and Asda credit cards

Customers of the mobile phone company O2 are complaining in large numbers this week after the firm announced that it is to raise its prices by 3.2% even for customers in the middle of what they thought was a one or two year contract at a set price. O2 is not alone - all the other networks have done the same over the last few months. What are your rights to break the contract yourself in these circumstances? Paul Lewis talks to Richard Lloyd, Executive Director of the consumer group, Which?

Asda's famous price guarantee that shopping at Asda will be cheaper than other supermarkets has been rather undermined this week when a flyer invited customers with an Asda Money Credit Card to use it draw up to £300 cash from a cash machine for 'a bit of Christmas magic'. Certainly magic for the card company Asda now uses, Creation, which will charge 3% or £5 whichever is higher. And the story doesn't end there as the cash withdrawal will be charged at an interest rate of 27.9% from the time it's withdrawn. Creation and Asda have both apologised. We'll hear from Guy Anker, News Editor for MoneySavingExpert and from James Jones, Head of Consumer Affairs at the credit reference agency, Experian, on why some long-standing Asda credit card holders have been refused the new cards issued by Creation.

The Office of Fair Trading has issued new guidance to firms which use Continuous Payment Authorities. These agreements let the firm take money from your credit or debit card in the future. OFT now says that firms must explain how to cancel a payment authority. Paul Lewis talks to Jason Freeman, Legal Director at the Office of Fair Trading

Big changes to council tax benefit start in April. In fact it's being abolished and local councils have to set up their own alternative. The Government in Wales is passing regulations to make these changes. And the new rules will mean more than 200,000 low income households in Wales will have to pay some council tax for the first time. Erika Helps, Chief Executive, Rhondda Taff Citizens Advice Bureau explains the details

Customers of 632 branches of Lloyds TSB are being told they must move to another bank. In fact it will be the Co-op. Some are objecting to this forced move. Others are welcoming it. But what choice do customers get? And why isn't Lloyds making that choice clearer? Money Box will provide the answers.

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