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Duration: 29 minutes

Mary Rhodes with stories from right across the West Midlands, including the sheep rustlers stalking our countryside and the little piece of Shropshire which might have become home to Hitler.

  • Hitler's plans for Shropshire base


    Nazi documents suggest Adolf Hitler planned to make his personal headquarters in Shropshire if he had successfully invaded Britain during World War II.


    Watch a video feature on the BBC News website.

  • Sheep rustling crime doubles


    Inside Out examines why the traditional crime of sheep rustling is on the increase in the countryside.


    Watch a video feature on the BBC News website.

  • Cancer patients helped out of debt

    Sharon Fox

    Cancer patients are finding themselves facing growing debt problems.


    Sharon Fox from Tamworth was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago.


    Now in remission and working again, she has set up the Sharon Fox Cancer Care Centre in Tamworth which provides support and financial advice.


    Watch a video feature on the BBC News website.


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