EU food laws, rare burgers and dangerous face paint

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More than forty thousand tried but only 241 were accepted by the EU as they framed new rules governing the health claims a manufacturer can make to promote their products.

Westminster council want tougher preparation rules for restaurants that wish to serve hamburgers cooked rare. Purveyors of these American inspired gourmet 'treats' are outraged but the UK's leading microbiologists says they risk infecting consumers with e.coli

Supermarkets and stores selling charity Christmas cards are criticised for taking too big a cut of the profits.

Sainsbury's will be 'stretching' Sunday shopping regulations on the Sunday before Christmas by allowing shoppers longer to pay for the purchases.

E-book sales have surged faster than expected in the last 12 months- they now account for almost 30% of the value of the book market in the UK.

Are you spoilt for choice or dazzled by the increasingly cluttered market for online film and TV services like Love Film and Netflix. We offer a user's guide for the festive period and beyond.

Buying presents for visually impaired people is not as hard as you may.

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