Allison Pearson and Deborah Orr on Xmas adverts, Ruchira Gupta

Where do you get your relationship advice from - an agony aunt or online websites? Allison Pearson and Deborah Orr debate this year's Christmas adverts - sexist or a recognition of the work done by mum? Trafficking campaigner Ruchira Gupta. Gemma Malley explains the appeal of Tolkein and fantasy fiction. Diana Henry makes Poire William.

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Relationship advice

Where do you get your relationship advice from? As well as all the tried and tested method of asking friends their opinion, many women are now using internet sites where you post up your text exchanges with prospective partners and invite strangers to comment on whether they think it’s a relationship worth pursuing. How useful is it to discuss private matters anonymously? Carrie Henderson McDermott, co-founder and former agony aunt Anna Raeburn.

Fantasy writing

As The Hobbit opens in cinemas this week the author Gemma Malley explains the appeal of fantasy writing.

Ruchira Gupta

Today is International Human Rights Day. Ruchira Gupta is a journalist who founded an organisation in India called Aapne Aap ten years ago to try to combat trafficking.  She joins Jane to discuss.

Diana Henry - Poire William

Jane spent the morning in food writer Diana Henry’s kitchen, watching her demonstrate recipes from her latest book about preserving food, 'Salt, Sugar, Smoke'.

Christmas TV adverts – sexist or purely reflecting reality?

The Asda Christmas adverts have caused much debate on social media sites and in the newspapers. Some think they’re sexist and reinforcing gender stereotypes, others think they merely reflect the reality that it is women who do the hard work in the build up to Christmas. The journalist and broadcaster Deborah Orr and the Daily Telegraph columnist and author of the novel I Don't Know How She Does It, Allison Pearson, join Jane to discuss.

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