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Posh anoraks; witch pricking in the 17th Century; Lisa Riley; is power sexy?

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Friday 07 December 2012

It used to be a term of abuse - now the anorak has gone upmarket. We'll find out how on a cold winter's morning the posh anorak can keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Lisa Riley has been the big hit of this season's Strictly Come Dancing - Jenni will be asking her how she's defied those who thought she was the comedy booking by storming into Saturday's quarter final.

Power's the ultimate aphrodisiac, it's said - but when a woman becomes powerful does it give her the same sexy edge it can supposedly give a man?

And the woman who disguised herself as a man to identify witches in the 17th century..


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  • Lisa Riley

    With the remaining contestants readying themselves for Saturday's Strictly Come Dancing quarter final, the celebrity who seems to be in front with the public is Lisa Riley. A 66-1 outsider at the outset, the odds quickly tumbled when it became clear she could not only dance, but dance extremely well.

  • Posh Anoraks

    Is the posh anorak killing off the traditional winter coat? We used to be looking for camel cashmere coats or the trusted navy Crombie but now it seems the popularity of the traditional winter coat is under growing threat. What more and more women are wearing instead are down jackets or, as many of us know them … anoraks. Once they were mainly worn on ski slopes but this winter they are increasingly taking over our city high streets. Jenni asks Harriet Walker, style editor for The Independent, can an anorak ever really be as posh as a coat?

  • Witch Pricking

    Witch Pricking was one of the many outrageous practices used for condemning people, nearly always women, as witches in the 17th Century. Good money could be made for a man who was a Witch Pricker. Witch Prickers were always men, apart from Christian Cadell. Radio Scotland’s Susan Morrison reports on the woman who pretended to be a man.

  • Compassion and Empathy - some listener responses

    On Wednesday's programme we discussed the Chief Nursing Officer for England's call for nurses to refocus on care and compassion within their work. We hear some listener responses on whether compassion is innate and the place that it has within nursing.

    Hear the original discussion on Woman's Hour





  • Is Power Sexy?

    Throughout history many powerful men have been considered sexy, such as the Kennedies who had huge success with women. But how sexy do men find women with power? Alan Clarke certainly had a soft spot for Margaret Thatcher as he revealed in his diaries. A strange choice some may feel but for him she had sex appeal. She certainly had something, even Francois Mitterrand said, "Mrs Thatcher has the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe." So what makes a woman with power sexy? Jenni is joined by former MP, Edwina Currie, agony aunt for Woman magazine and relationship counsellor Suzie Hayman and journalist, author and broadcaster Martin Kelner. 


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