Call You and Yours: Have we forgotten how to care?

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Have we forgotten how to care?

The chief nursing officer for England, Jane Cummings, says poor care, sometimes very poor care, is too prevalent in our hospitals. She says it's a betrayal of all nursing should stand for. But after scandals involving cruelty and neglect, has nursing lost its way?

Clinical care is much more sophisticated these days - but has nursing become less caring - especially when it involves elderly people or those with mental disabilities?

And if so - why? Is overcrowding to blame? Targets? Bureaucracy? A jobsworth attitude? Have simple human compassion and decency gone by the wayside?

We want to hear your experiences. Maybe you have nothing but praise for the care you and your family received. Maybe you're a nurse who simply doesn't recognise this bleak picture? We want to hear from you.

03700 100 444 is the phone number to call or you can e-mail via the Radio 4 website or text us on 84844.

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