Energy Bill, floods and Xmas in a can

The Energy Bill will see households paying up to £100 pounds a year extra to power and heat homes following a government agreement to allow power companies to raise nearly £8 billion from our bills to boost renewable energy capacity.

The government still has no agreement with the insurance industry over support for premiums for those who live in areas that are liable to flood. What's holding it up?

Would you eat a Christmas dinner in a can and a can that heats itself? It's one of a range of foods that UK based firm Hot Can hopes we'll learn to love.

Now that all Premier League football matches are screened live somewhere in the world should the FA scrap the rule banning live coverage of football matches in the UK between 2.45 and 5.00 pm on Saturdays?

The skiing industry has been going downhill in Scotland. Visitors have dived by at least a third; can the Cairngorms really compete with the Alps in sticky economic times.

For years the French have resisted the charms of musical theatre but now it seems they can't get enough; there are even plans to stage that most English of productions Mary Poppins- provided they can find an actress to play her.

The Care Quality Commission says elder people are too often not treated with sufficient care or dignity in hospitals and care homes. How does the Nurses union respond to the implied criticism?

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