Aliens: The Ultimate Them and Us

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Another chance to hear Matthew Sweet debating how the discovery of alien life might change the way we think about humanity.

Scientists have now detected distant planets that may contain life. If we are not alone in the Universe, will this fundamentally affect how we understand ourselves and should we prepare for the consequences? Ought we to begin work on a set of truly "universal" rights or prepare to take arms against the greatest threat to our existence?

Debating how the discovery of alien life will impact our moral and philosophical universe are the best-selling science-fiction writer Stephen Baxter, whose books include the latest Doctor Who novel, the science broadcaster and journalist Sue Nelson, the futurist and neuroscientist Anders Sandberg, and one of our leading space scientists, John Zarnecki, Professor of Space Science at the Open University.

The event is chaired by Night Waves presenter Matthew Sweet and was recorded as part of Radio 3's Free Thinking Festival 2012.

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