90 by 90 - The Full Set

Celebrating 90 years of BBC radio, a selection of short features marking some memorable radio moments.

By Year

  • 1922-19291922-1929

    Including Christopher Stone, one of the BBC's first DJs, introducing gramophone discs with his Time for a Tune programme.

  • 1930-19491930-1949

    Including Vera Lynn, George Orwell and CS Lewis.

  • 1950-19691950-1969

    Includes some "jolly joshing" between the Beatles and a BBC reporter, and Jimi Hendrix being asked to keep the noise down.

  • 1970-19891970-1989

    Including the news of Indira Gandhi's death, and torchlight and typewriters for Sue MacGregor.

  • 1990-20111990-2011

    Including Radio 1 cautiously embracing the digital revolution, and worries over the Millennium Bug.

By Genre

  • WomenWomen

    A suffragette, attitudes to sexuality, and Monica Lewinsky tells Jenni Murray why she kept that dress.

  • Real VoicesReal Voices

    An early excursion to record the 'actual' world provides the opportunity for a hop picking holiday.

  • DramaDrama

    Including a year in the life of The Archers.

  • ComedyComedy

    Including excerpts from The BBC Variety Programmes Policy Guide For Writers and Producers.

  • NewsNews

    Including journalist Najiba Kasraee revealing how a children's radio character captivated a Taliban Commander.

  • WarWar

    Including Vera Lynn's weekly letter in words and music, bringing the forces and their sweethearts together.

  • SportSport

    Including Clare Balding applauding 5 live's Jacqui Oatley, the first female football commentator on national radio.

  • ChildrenChildren

    Including a 13-year-old Jeremy Vine making his radio debut on his own home made station - down a sewage pipe.

  • MusicMusic

    Including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix - and John Peel in his own words, which were heard on BBC radio for almost 40 years.

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