School meals, ghost insurance brokers and how to haggle

Tens of thousands of students from low income families are missing out on free school meals because sixth form colleges and further education institutions don't offer them.

Ofcom have revealed a surge in mobile internet use and have published plans to ensure that the UK's communication infrastructure matches demand for mobile capacity in the future.

Which goods and services will you most likely be able to negotiate a discount; if you have never haggled, how should you go about it?

Home ownership in the UK has slid back from its historic high of nearly 70% in 2003 to 64.7% today. A home owners pressure group says a whole generation is in danger of being locked out of ownership and that's not good for the economy.

The insurance industry is warning customers to be on the lookout for 'ghost brokers' who offer 'cheap' car insurance - they'll leave you out of pocket and without cover.

Have you ever wanted to tell it like it is? A new website is inviting you to review your job, warts and all.

A pressure group for home owners is calling on the government to introduce policies to halt the decline in home ownership but is raising the numbers of home owners the answer to the housing crisis?

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