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What tasteful connection might there be between Carmen Miranda above the neck, Josephine Baker around the waist, and Lady Gaga from head to toe?

Northern Ireland take on the Welsh in the penultimate clash of the current series, and this is just one of the puzzles they'll be asked to unravel this week. Tom Sutcliffe asks the questions and provides the teams with the hints they may need to nudge them towards the solutions - but the more clues they need, the smaller their scores will be.

Polly Devlin and Brian Feeney play for Northern Ireland, and David Edwards and Myfanwy Alexander for Wales. Both will be hoping to add to their tally of victories across the series, to propel them as far as possible up the final table.

Producer: Paul Bajoria.

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Sat 17 Nov 2012 23:00


1. What do Brian Friel, William Blake's painting of Albion, and Lou Reed, have to be so cheerful about?

2. What tasteful connection might there be between Carmen Miranda above the neck, Josephine Baker around the waist, and Lady Gaga from head to toe?

3. (Music) Take these three pieces one after another, and you get something of urgent importance that celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. Can you explain?

4. (Music) Although Plato might have been satisfied with these four pieces, what would Aristotle have thought to be elementally missing?

5. (From Penny Seymour) Why might an acquaintance on a daily basis with the following five be beneficial: the works of Gilbert & Sullivan, a town in Staffordshire, the producer of many of the Bond movies, the winner of the Rainhill trials, and a record-breaking consumer?

6. (From Ronald Monroe) What do the following have in common, and which one is an exception? A wild and colourful group of painters; a force in France commanded by French; a North African garrison; and a group whose balloon couldn't be popped?

7. Sorviodunum, a National Park designated in 2005, Arrietty's diary and a flattened third: why might you take them to a wedding?

8. Which of these football teams would be of most interest to barristers seeking promotion: Luton Town, Macclesfield Town, Northampton Town or Yeovil Town? And who else might take an interest in them?


We asked: what might connect the sun, something you'd find around Saturn, and a mode of transport that certainly wouldn't get you anywhere near either of them?

'Connect' is a key word here. The clues might point you to the words Star, Ring and Bus - which  are three types of network topology in computing, which describe how computers are connected together.


This week's question is from Derek Sharp.

In which order, from left to right, should you put the human companion of Tinkerbell, the man who played Malcolm Little, the progenitor of the Yeehat, and a horse-drawn carriage?

There are no prizes for guessing the answer: it's just for fun. All will be revealed next week.

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