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Duration: 30 minutes

Lola and Billy attempt to make Phil’s house more welcoming with flowers and baking bread. Leaving a disgruntled Jack at home, Sharon arrives for the meeting wearing her engagement ring. Phil reveals they’re now applying to foster Lexi. Fostering Assessment Social Worker, Rick, arrives. He questions them about Lola, and asks Sharon about Dennis’s murder and her attitude towards Ben. Sharon defends Phil and when Rick asks Phil to speak he flees to the kitchen. Phil’s sure Rick’s already made his mind up and starts to doubt his own parenting abilities. Sharon talks him round and the interview resumes. Sharon asks Rick if he was expecting to meet perfect parents - they aren’t that but would go to the ends of the Earth for their kids. Phil finally speaks and the ‘couple’ affectionately start teasing one another. Later, in the Vic, Lola’s anxious to know how the meeting went. Discovering Jack knows Rick, Sharon persuades him to have a word. Jack’s not happy when Rick says Sharon and Phil seem well suited.

Syed fears Christian’s left Walford until Roxy admits he’s at the Beales’. Later, Syed leaves Christian a message, he’s been doing a lot of thinking. Amira arrives unexpectedly; she tells Syed she’s getting married again and wants Yasmin to live with her in Birmingham.

Zainab’s awkward around Masood. Zainab instructs Syed to fight for Christian, he accuses her of interfering. Zainab’s surprised to discover Tamwar’s taken her Minute Mart shifts and altered the displays, he reminds her things have changed. Worried the family hate her, Zainab makes a pact; no more meddling, interfering, secrets, nagging, judging, complaining or taking sides. Masood, Tamwar and AJ are amused.

After Lucy mentions an unexpected Environmental Health visit, Ian sees Kim leaving the B&B laden with bin bags full of out of date food.

Music Played

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Jack Branning
Scott Maslen
Sharon Rickman
Letitia Dean
Phil Mitchell
Steve McFadden
Billy Mitchell
Perry Fenwick
Lola Pearce
Danielle Harold
Jay Mitchell
Jamie Borthwick
Roxy Mitchell
Rita Simons
Zainab Khan
Nina Wadia
Tamwar Masood
Himesh Patel
Masood Ahmed
Nitin Ganatra
Denise Fox
Diane Parish
Kim Fox
Tameka Empson
Ian Beale
Adam Woodyatt
Lucy Beale
Hetti Bywater
Kat Moon
Jessie Wallace
Amira Masood
Preeya Kalidas
Rick Gekowski
Laurence Saunders
Executive Producer
Lorraine Newman
John Howlett
Rob Gittins


Maria Friedman to play Linda's mum


Star of the stage Maria Friedman will guest as Elaine Peacock.

Suffer the consequences

Alfie and Kat

When Alfie goes to visit Kat in hospital, he's guilt-ridden at the misery he's caused.

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