Basic bank accounts and breakfast biscuits

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Banking groups are cutting the services they offer with the basic bank account making it harder to access or manage money. Consumer Focus wants the government to guarantee a minimum set of features on the accounts held by eight million UK consumers.
Britain's second largest producer of nappies, Kimberley-Clark, are axing their premium brand product Huggies; in fact bar Italy they are pulling out of Europe altogether. What's behind the move and are other brands like Kleenex Tissues also in danger.
Two years ago it did not exist but now the breakfast biscuit market is worth £35 million and growing at a rate of 156% per year. What's behind the rise and rise of this sector and are they any good?
Next year, Ireland is holding a Gathering. Everyone is invited and Terry Wogan tells us what it is all about.
The former Formula One driver turned farmer, Jody Scheckter, has been ordered to change the label on his organic ale by the Drinks' industry's self-regulator. Sometimes criticised for leniency, why have they moved to sanction such a small producer?
If you are unlucky enough to find your home threatened by floods what can you do to protect it? Bob Walker reports on the growing number of flood resistant products.
The BBC reporter struck down by Bell's Palsy tells us about living with this little known or understood condition and what sufferers can do about it.
How do you know if your power meter is recording your usage and not your neighbour's and what to do about it if it is?

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